Moaby9 years ago2011-07-16 19:19:18 UTC 25 comments
Recieved a new PC from Dell or more precisely an Alienware Aurora R3. It set me back roughly £2100.

Some specs:
CPU ------- Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz
Motherboard - Alienware 046MHW
RAM ------- 2GB Kingston 1333Mhz/667Mhz x4
GPU ------- Nvidia GeForce GTX 580
HDD ------- 500GB RAID x2 (1TB)
OS -------- Windows 7 Home Premium
+ 23" HD monitor.

Now for the crushing blow, it freezes randomly. I'm not a huge computer wiz (only slightly) but I realise this isn't correct; everything just seems to freeze like the mouse, keyboard, screen and sound (loops) which causes me to manually shut it down. Any suggestions apart from getting intouch with Dell who has been emailed?
Moaby9 years ago2010-10-28 10:40:09 UTC 3 comments
Oww, my half-HD (1080i), 32", LCD TV just decided to be VERY dark even with the brightness and contrast on full settings. To me personally, it seems like the TV is not getting enough power to show a 'full bright image'.

I don't know if i'll be getting it fixed or just buying a new one. Would it be cheaper just to buy a new one rather than getting it looked at?

Anyone got any suggestions? TIA.

TV Model: JVC LT32DY8
Moaby10 years ago2010-08-15 06:22:12 UTC 2 comments
You will never believe it.

I had a dream.

Thought I would carry on the almost common "dream journals" trend.
Moaby10 years ago2010-05-11 10:59:55 UTC 4 comments

Just completed Uncharted2 on my 60GB PS3 in about 7 hrs [in 2 days]. If you want a mix between a puzzle game and Assassins Creed then here you go.

The game is ridiculously difficult; I (re)check-pointed 121 times! I did about half the game on Medium difficulty and had to turn it down to Easy on about Chapter 25, I think. Half the deaths were do to him jumping to far out of cover and flying off the cliff.

The bonus features on the game seem to only be unlocked when you have completed it once, slightly annoying but I probably will do it again. I completed all the MGS games more then... 7 times so, not to much trouble. :D

I would recommend it to all the you sensible PS3 users out there.
Moaby10 years ago2010-05-07 13:49:19 UTC 1 comment
Well, only JUST found out that Command & Conquer 4 is out and all I can see is bad reviews. Seems that C&C went down hill when EA took over. Saying that, I love Kane's Wraith and below [the series]. I think i'll stick to KW and own everyone with Traveler-59 faction.

I should start doing this journal stuff more often.
Moaby11 years ago2009-08-19 09:51:48 UTC 5 comments
Well, I haven't been doing much mapping lately due to re-descovering how much fun The Elder Scrolls Oblivion is.

But, my projects are still alive. Can I get a W00T..?