ashephard10 years ago2010-03-01 12:22:13 UTC 11 comments

I had my first day of Uni today. I'm studying Civil Engineering, and am already starting to stress.

My maths subject sounds impossibly difficult, and the many assignments for my other subjects will take alot of time and higher order thinking - things not required in high school.

Oral presentations are going to be prevalent - one of my weak points is public speaking, so now I'm stressing even more.

People keep mentioning MatLab, SolidWorks and PebblePad, is anyone familiar with those particular programs?

I found myself falling asleep in my 2 hour long Engineering Materials lecture, as the chemistry he was explaining turned into crazy theorems and concepts which completely lost me.

My subjects include: Mathematical Methods for Engineers 1, Sustainable Engineering Practice, Engineering Materials and Computer Techniques.

Tomorrow I'm off to get my textbooks, configure my laptop to work with the university's wireless network, and spend 3 straight hours in maths lectures and practicals. Oh joy.

Well there you have it, folks! What do you guys have to say. Anyone else completed/completing/wanting to complete an Engineering Degree? Anyone in the same or similar situation as me, or have been? Anyone got any advice?
ashephard10 years ago2009-11-23 07:30:28 UTC 13 comments
Back from schoolies! it was off tha hookkkk!! but now im soooo fuckedd!

Latest news, got a new labrador puppy, called Monty, hes a nut case
and I got my new gaming/family computer, specs:
staying with XP
nvidia gtx 260
4gb ddr2
gigabyte 775pin mobo
antec tp 750w
antec 902
asus dvd/cd/burner drive

i also bought the valve complete pack over steam, but im faced with a massive dilemma, i only get 10gb/month download, and am on adsl2+ but ive gone over the quota, so now ive been given dialup speeds til the end of the month :'( (10kb/s downloads from steam) but what makes things EVEN worse is that I can't even start the download, while it is 'preparing the files for install' the load bar completes but the next button remains un-clickable and steam either freezes or is going to need 2 days to allow me to press next

is there any way that i can get the games onto my computer without downloading off steam, considering theres approximately 25-30gb of dloads and i only get 10gb/month - would copying the files of a friend's computer work?
ashephard10 years ago2009-11-19 00:37:10 UTC 15 comments

Raise them fucking beers!!!
ashephard10 years ago2009-11-15 11:39:54 UTC 11 comments
Well I thought I may aswell write a quick journal as I'm seriously bored, and in a very Half-lifey mood.

Hmm life at the moment, I'm just finishing year 12 now, one last exam to go! Hoping to study Civil Engineering next year at university. The exam is on thursday, its Sunday night at the moment, I really should be studying! On Friday til Monday, I have schoolies, (all school leavers in the state go to the same seaside town to party at a massive festival - similar to spring break for all you Americans out there, except its gonna be seriously insane!... can't wait!) then when I return, I hope to be very active with my mapping and the TWHL community along side working at Target alot, and getting drunk and partying :D

Well there we are, I'll post another one when I'm back from schoolies, see ya!!