Stojke8 years ago2011-05-11 20:22:18 UTC 6 comments
Yo chiptune lovers

I got just what you need. While searching for my favorite chiptune format, the IT - impulse tracker i have stumbled upon this archive of almost 95000 chiptunes!

The file size is 1.2GB, when installed 2.2GB, and it contains chiptune in various formats, such as: MOD, XM, IT, S3M, SID, GYM, YM, etc. Just take a look at the main folder properties screen:
User posted image
[Edit] Most of the game music are in RAR/ZIP, so that adds about 10000 more files to the total count, making this even more extremely large :o

Everything is in folders, nice and clean. Also i recommend my favorite chiptune player the magical - = XMPlayer = - for listening to them.
The player supports a wide number of formats and plug ins. I use it for chiptune only. It can only play the most popular chiptunes [MOD, IT, XM, S3M]. For other stuff i use Foobar2000 with chiptune components. Foobar2000 can convert any chiptune to other audio format [OGG,MP3, etc] but thats an other story. Here are some screens for the XM Player:

The main window (Using my favorite skin):
User posted image
My 2 favorite visualisations:
User posted image
User posted image
This archive has a very large number of chiptunes, and listening to them all will be a time taking job :D

If any one knows where i can get IT modules please tell me!
Stojke8 years ago2011-04-10 11:34:10 UTC 13 comments
Flea markets

I love em!

Yesterday i went to the local flea market, named Naylon, to see if there is anything interesting this weed. So i walk by and spot an replica of an Xbox (ecksbawks lawl) controller. I examine it and it appeared to be functional, so i ask the guy "how much? he said 10 e, than i noticed it misses an receiver, since its wireless, so i lover the price to 3e! Damn im good.
Next i walk by and see an TrekStor German MP3 player, i.beat organix FM 1gb, i try to turn it on but it didnt give any signs of life. The guy asked 5e for it, i thought it must be the battery, probably needs some jumping, so i lover the price by telling him some tech stuff, like:

"- Maybe the retro capacitor is broken, those things are expencive!"

And guess what, he believes me LOL, So i get that baby for 3e as well.

Walking even further i spot Soundblaster 5.1 sound card, appeared functional (no capacitors were bloated, and there was no burn marks) so i buy the thing. Damn the sound it makes is too sweet :>
Costed me 2e lol

Plus i boughed some other crap, like tinnol wire and a 2 headed eagle badge, as well as an USB 2.0 5 port add on card, a bluetooth adapter and a 2.4GHz wifi reciver (in hopes my bigben PC wireless joypad will work with it).

Also here is a pic with stuff i boughed yesterday and the week before:
User posted image
It also includes a Trust card reader (metal casing O_o), a kingston CF 1gb card, Krone LAN cable clippers and a really shitty small pc fan (jsut for teh lolz) :D

The point of this was to show that with 12e you can actually buy lots of cool stuff :o