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Roses are red,
violets are blue.
Today is the day
I become
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Yeah, I graduated high school or secondary school depending on your preferred flavour of English today!
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Cryptic birthday journal.
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x=x-1 -> 172+-832/4298+x=y-998289=98813+x-y+7 99+x-y=2x-87

It's my birthday
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I find it kind of weird how in video games, sometimes the reload animation let the used ammo clip stay on screen, obviously showing you weren't switching it out.

Here's a gif I made to show what I mean:
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I found an unused texture in the Half-Life 2 game files. Of course I did the one responsible thing to do:
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On the topic of map optimization:
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He's hungry:
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Then we have the obvious 'must have':
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Download the base image and make your own!

GIMP xcf

Photoshop psd
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I sincerely hope this is a scam.
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Light, without it we wouldn't be able to see. And so it is in videogames. Lights are fundamental, every game have some sort of light, if ever so simple. In todays 3D games, there need to be some way to compute lighting data within 3D space, as volumetricaly most of the light eixst outside of a 2D face where the light is visible. How does the lighting really work in the GoldSrc engine? Does anyone know except for Valve themselves?
This is my theory on how it works:
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Of course I can't be sure... But anyone should know.