Posted 3 years ago2020-06-05 18:17:02 UTC
Dr. Orange Dr. OrangeSource good.
Yeah, I graduated high school or secondary school depending on your preferred flavour of English today!


Commented 3 years ago2020-06-05 18:33:15 UTC Comment #102743
Congrats! Welcome to adulthood.
Commented 3 years ago2020-06-07 10:46:37 UTC Comment #102744
Commented 3 years ago2020-06-07 12:18:13 UTC Comment #102745
Congratulations, mate. I got one more year to go, lol.
Commented 3 years ago2020-06-09 00:43:14 UTC Comment #102747
"Good work on doing previous stuff. Let's get ready to do new stuff." - Dr. Keller

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