Journal #3215

Posted 16 years ago2006-04-22 13:53:03 UTC
The funeral of my friend was today. It was a nice service and a good funeral. The sun started to shine when we carried the basket to the grave, and when the casket was lowered, two airplanes flew over the graveyard. My friend loved to travel abroad, so that quite nice to see actually. Over 200 people showed up, which is quite a lot taken into account he was only 28.

Funerals are never really fun or so, but this wasn't a real sad one either. Of course, we miss our friend, but he's with God right now and we'll meet him again after some decades. It's just weird that he isn't here anymore, and I still joke about him sometimes just to find out he isn't there to share the jokes anymore.

I'd also like to say thanks to those who PM'd me or commented on my blog entry - I greatly appreciate your encouragements. :)


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