Journal #3719

Posted 12 years ago2006-10-03 08:30:20 UTC
Re: The guy underneath me: Why i love mapping for HL1:

1. Nostalgia - yeah, it's a no brainer, but it's true. I love that game. It's the game that got me into the whole mapping scene.

I can never forget the countless hours i spent in front of my sceen playing leaky, shitty maps i made and using the crowbar to bang my name on walls.

2. It's got Retro feel. Nothin, no game, ever - will FEEL like HL1. No game CAN feel like HL1. It's not only the look and the controls, it's everything. If you want to know what i'm on about, play half-life again.

3. It's got prestige. If you can pull off stuff like difficult entity setups, complex moving objects, and abstract architecture, always pushing the engine to it's memory alloc:block limits... and if you do it right: everyone who has ever tried to map will respect, and want to improve on what you've done. It's a lot more difficult to do some things in HL1 - and that's why it's so much more rewarding to work for.


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