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Posted 11 years ago2011-09-05 22:50:36 UTC
Back to school tomorrow, kinda sad that summer's over but kinda happy that I get to see my friends and some classes are actually kinda cool. (Geometry is not one of those) I've always liked history and this year is WWI/WWII era stuff which is cool. It seems that every year I get gym class right before or after a class on the other side of the school, this year I get to run from gym to "Creative Writing" literally on the opposite side of school and up a flight of stairs lol.


Commented 11 years ago2011-09-05 23:20:34 UTC Comment #66393
Man I miss school, and the Summer, and thinking life was good. :|
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-05 23:54:11 UTC Comment #66408
School sucks.
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-06 03:02:02 UTC Comment #66399
school is better then looking for a job/deciding what to do with your life
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-06 05:00:41 UTC Comment #66406
School is a way to see all of your friends daily. I'm going to cherish the next three years, the friends I have now, are some of the coolest I've had in life. I'll miss them if I don;t go to the same collage as some of them.
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-06 10:21:17 UTC Comment #66394
You know when people say "School / College years are the best of your life" ? I never used to believe that and I hated it. Thing is, it was 100% true. Working and being responsible has it's perks but life was so much easier back then.

Of course, I'm speaking from an underpaid web designer's point of view. I'm sure life rocks if you're loaded / famous, and I'm yet to experience having kids and retiring. :P
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-06 13:13:19 UTC Comment #66400
Kinda relevant, kinda not, but y'know, why not.

School has its ups and downs. Most teenagers are pricks and are very superficial these days, yes. You just gotta find the people who aren't, and enjoying school becomes a lot less of a struggle.

I'm still looking forward to life after school though.
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-06 14:16:23 UTC Comment #66392
"I'll miss them if I don;t go to the same collage as some of them."

At this rate you won't be going to college.
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-06 15:35:58 UTC Comment #66402
It's funny how friendships change when people go to college. Two of my friends went to the same college as me, but I never see them anymore except in passing. We all have our own friends now.
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-06 15:59:27 UTC Comment #66405
when I went to college, I had no friends anymore. might have something to do with the videogames.
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-06 16:12:58 UTC Comment #66391
This is the first year I am not returning to school after Summer. I will miss all of my art classes because deadlines make me work like a well oiled machine. I suggest getting a skateboard for that run to make it easier, haha. Well, unless your school dropped the banhammer on them. Good luck.
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-06 21:17:29 UTC Comment #66401
How are brendanmint and his friends going to pack themselves into a collage?
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-07 07:04:22 UTC Comment #66407
You people have to realize I only come on TWHL when I'm half awake. Yes, I used a ; where a ' was needed. and I know a Collage is not a College. Except for when I'm half awake, then my mind just says FUCK THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-07 11:17:47 UTC Comment #66398
Actually, I find work much more enjoyable than my days at uni. Not only do I get do do something meaningful and useful, I get paid for it! It's also very important that you can switch off after you walk out the door. When you're at uni you have to constantly worry about projects and assignments and exams, even on the weekend. That sucks. As long as you have a job that you are talented at and that you enjoy, life in the work force is much better then the time you spent studying.
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-07 13:54:46 UTC Comment #66395
Man I miss school, and the Summer, and thinking life was good. :|
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-07 14:58:09 UTC Comment #66396
Yeah I'm not going to be able to handle a standard 9-5 job for the rest of my life. Tried it for 2 years, and sure the money was nice but it was killing me.

Tis why I went to college to be trained in an industry where the hours are totally unpredictable and you can go for weeks without actually working and still be paid.
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-07 15:21:49 UTC Comment #66404
Remind me what you were studying.
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-07 16:38:50 UTC Comment #66397
TV Operations, specialising as a camera op for my final (this) year.
Alternative specialisations were editing, lighting, sound recording or producing.
Commented 11 years ago2011-09-07 19:35:25 UTC Comment #66403
i miss uni but i'll never miss high school.. it's so restrictive and tedious.

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