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Posted 7 years ago2012-03-05 19:15:24 UTC
Stojke StojkeOPL - 3
Military junkyard time!

Ok, so today i was on a private military junkyard. There is a lot of junk there, scrap metal, weapon parts, missile parts, old computers, etc.

I climbed more than 50 times up and down trough everything. There are lots of 1980s hardware components there, most of it is in no way near usable shape, but i managed to scrap some stuff.
What i found interesting out there is this Hard Disc drive from 1980s:
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
You see, this thing is from 1982, and it weights around 20kg. It has 2 connectors on it, and a ticket. On the ticket it says:

700MB Mainframe Data drive

Imagine that! 700MB in early 1980s! And its like 20kg. Amazing if you ask me. Imagine that monster mainframe with such a hard drive in that time, pretty cool. Also it was made in Korea.
When i think about it, most of the things on that junk yard were from Korea and Chips Japan.

Ive found some IBM computers, DOS era, 1986 or so, but they were in a horrible shape, most of them were rusted and squished/smashed. What i found EXTREMELY interesting, is that an IBM with an 20MHz cpu had a PCI like card in it, and PCI was made in 1993! This is quite amazing, that IBM also had on-board EGA, memory modules + extension, an addon card with memory chips on it, and an HDD SCSI adapter card (Old SCSI).
I couldnt take pictures so i cant show you how many cool stuff is there.
Any way, take a look at these, i took these pictures for a friend of mine, electronics engineer, that i trade parts with.

You can see processors and addon cards, pay attention to the PCI like card.
Also, i found an Sound Blaster CT1600 PRO2, with that i have 2 PRO cards from Sound blaster ISA age, CT2230 and CT1600, only CT1500 left :>

Hope you find this journal as interesting as much as i found exploring this junk yard. Damn my hands hurt from moving all that junk :I


Commented 7 years ago2012-03-05 20:24:18 UTC Comment #66528
Was it that hard to use imageshack easy sharing links?

Dude, you are one lucky bastard! I could only scrap around parts from my own home or perhaps some friends.
Nice activity! :)

[EDIT] O see you have some kind of tablecloth similar to our parts...
[EDIT2] Here's an ideea of what to do with the old HDD: remove its cover and try to see if you can control the motor. If it's some kind of an older motor it should be easier, if it's a stepper motor you'd need control circuitry(or an Arduino maybe with some transistors). Anyway, if you can control the motor, cut out some sand paper and glue it to the platter. You've got yourself a "modern" grinder! :)
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I always use links, im old school :D

Hehe, i love to search trough old computer stuff, its awesome. Especially old computer junk yards, today i moved around a ton of junk lol.
Yeah, my mom made that, she used to make those a lot.

Ohh, i cant remove anything from it, its probably operational, i will give it to a friend of mine i trade old pc parts with, he got me some converters and other stuff, so im'ma repay him :)

And yeah, i dissasambled a ton of HDDs, i have lots of Hard discs, they are even better at light reflection than mirrors, and they are so perfect that if you took two discs and put em on each other and lifted the top one only, they would not un-stick.
I also have lots of floppy motors, hdd motors, 12V to 24V motors that can spin up to 1000RPM, or more, didnt really check...
Also, i can make a controller with just a resistor, diode and a potentiometer :)

Arduino would be too complex for such a simple task. But yeah, thanks for reminding me, gotta get me some info on Arduino, i heard its really cool.
Electronics are cool :D
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what are you going to do with all the components? Or are you just collecting and canablaizing for your nuke in the garage? =)

Wow i wish i had a military junkyard by my house! One thing we got in abundance is the old Nike Hercules missle silos. Some still have the underground "silos" intact(really just a big garage underground), and some of the tracking stations still have all their outbuidlngs standing, but all the hardware is gone besides big stuff like old generators.. no radars or anyting cool. ='(
Commented 7 years ago2012-03-06 22:46:54 UTC Comment #66530
I am getting parts that can be used. Most of those old processors and stuff can be used in old computers such as Atari, Amiga.
I found a processor that can be used to upgrade an Amiga 600 from its original 7MHz to 12MHz, which is a HUGE jump in processing power.

I wouldnt wish that xD
Radiation and stuff, very bad :P

Oh wow cool, missile silos, i always wanted to visit one, especially those nuclear silos that are deep under ground!
Most abandoned stuff here is still illegal to enter and is guarded.
Military stuff is military stuff :D


Also about the IBM, it was a newer model of an older PC from 1991, not 1986, still i wonder why it has a PCI slot...
Update, scratch the top part, the IBM is from 1987, and thats an MCA slot - Micro Channel Architecture

Quite interesting.

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