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Posted 7 years ago2012-05-21 09:01:11 UTC
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Why I don't sleep much.

I work in Web Design in an office based in Shrewsbury. The days are your average 9am - 5pm (with an extra 30 minutes tacked on for some reason). Now, Shrewsbury is about an hours drive from my house, with another 15 minutes walk to the nearest free parking. This means that in order to get to work on time the latest I can leave my house is 7:45, which means in order to get up, get dressed, have breakfast and make lunch I need to be out of bed by 7:10.

In the evenings after work I will get back home at around 6:45pm - 7pm. I will then need to have dinner, wash up afterwards, spend some time with the wife etc. I usually get time to myself from 9 or 10pm. So basically, if I was to turn in at midnight, I only get 2 or 3 hours to myself for gaming or mapping or browsing the net. Basically, it's not enough.

So I don't sleep, and at weekends I sleep even less to make the most of my time off. Usually turning it at 4am Saturday morning and getting up at 6am, then turning in again at 4am Sunday morning and sleeping until 9 or 10.

...I'm tired.


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dang that sucks sir, but i guess there are worse commute situations, e.g., southern california.

too bad you can't work from home for like half the week or somehthing, so as to take the edge off the commute..
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I don't doubt there are people more worse off than me for free time, but I just remembered a few people asked why I sleep so little. Now you know. :P

The drive home can be a lot quicker depending on what music is playing. Usually dubstep or trance so it's a case of:
"I'm going home now. I'm not stopping. Either get out of the road or die! Thanks for listening, Urby"
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That sucks big time man, maybe you should take a week off?
Dont have any intelligent comment, except maybe revising your schedule to assign time better.
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I get up at 6AM, leave home at 7AM, travel 90 minutes on the train to work, and get home at 6:45. When I get home I do more work (freelance jobs) and then spend 60-90 minutes studying. I still usually get enough sleep but I definitely don't get enough time for playing games :(
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Enough time for goofing off though. Get back to work!

I'm usually up around the same time as you, Urby. Though my first alarm goes off at 6:30 and I have one more every 10 minutes until I get up at 7. :P

I stay up late because being at work all day effin' sucks and I just want to play my games and watch my shows for as long as possible when I'm home!
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"I'm usually up around the same time as you, Urby. Though my first alarm goes off at 6:30 and I have one more every 10 minutes until I get up at 7."

LOL! Identical to me.
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It's painful getting up in the morning. ;(
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-21 12:56:51 UTC Comment #43552
Certainly is. I ignore the 7am alarm and then the wife kicks me. :(
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That sucks Urby. Is that the least worst you have?
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I was going to say something but then realized it's 12AM and that I'm not going to be sleeping until about 3 or 4.
The sad part is I don't have a job or any form of schedule that requires me to be with this fucked up sleeping pattern.
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My heart goes out to you-all with long commutes.. ='(
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-22 11:17:19 UTC Comment #43554
I have said it ever since I got you the job...


You have the commercial experience now, get the fuck out of dodge. :P
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-22 11:29:39 UTC Comment #43553
Quitting is not really a solution to anything if you don't have something else lined up. Not a great idea considering everyone local to me pays even less.
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Quitting is not really a solution to anything if you don't have something else lined up.

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The quality of anything I do is directly proportionate to the amount of sleep I get. I'd probably die with a schedule like that.

Kudos for pulling it off, but still, try & look for career alternatives. This can't be healthy, and it does sound like you're quite miserable.
Sadly the job market for web dev is really dry unless you know .NET or the likes (at least in Dundee), so I can see why this is taking that long.

It's a really shitty position to be in - hope you find something eventually.

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