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Posted 7 years ago2012-06-01 18:58:00 UTC
38_98 38_98Singin' the doom song
Have I ever said how much I love the Steam overlay you can bring up in games? Because, I do. Alot. Whatever genius thought this up should get a raise.


Commented 7 years ago2012-06-01 19:15:12 UTC Comment #51449
Judging by the Valve employee handbook, I expect he/she did :)
Commented 7 years ago2012-06-01 21:00:17 UTC Comment #51457
Indeed, it's a small idea that makes a huge difference.
Commented 7 years ago2012-06-01 21:32:36 UTC Comment #51454
Too bad it only works 20% of the time.
Commented 7 years ago2012-06-02 00:00:13 UTC Comment #51450
I'd say around 95%. What are you doing that's breaking it? :S
Commented 7 years ago2012-06-02 01:24:26 UTC Comment #51452
My only complaint (which isn't even its fault) is that I keep bringing it up whenever I play an FPS and try to look at scores while I'm crouching =P
Commented 7 years ago2012-06-02 03:39:21 UTC Comment #51456
Scotch just change your crouch key lol. I thought every switched it, otherwise sticky keys goes off (Im too lazy to turn it off)
Commented 7 years ago2012-06-02 05:59:45 UTC Comment #51451
I hope they add a feature to record videos using the overlay sometime soon :)
Commented 7 years ago2012-06-02 09:01:27 UTC Comment #51458
Steam is ok, except when it decides to load for 30 minutes or block my game while the map is loading.
Commented 7 years ago2012-06-02 09:12:56 UTC Comment #51453
@Mcrich114: Nah, I like it where it is.
Commented 7 years ago2012-06-02 17:10:53 UTC Comment #51455
It could just be my shitty ass processor that breaks it 95% of the time, but I find unless I set it to high priority, it doesn't come up until a dozen seconds later. And it rarely stays up for more then a few seconds after it's up.

Snowball reports the exact same thing, I guess our machines are too low end for it to work effectively... Shame though, xfire overlay works flawlessly.

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