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Posted 8 years ago2015-05-20 21:28:01 UTC
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Anyone remember when I spammed my journal with some girl from donkeys ago that I was "deeply in love with" and found out she'd been abused by her stepdad?

BBC article

Motherfucker deserved more than 4 years. Things had been very sour between us so I hadn't been keeping check but.. yeah. Things there that I didn't even know about..

It's scary to think things like this happen so scarily frequent. I found out whilst I was away at uni that one of my neighbours-ish had been arrested for doing a similar sort of thing, not to the same extreme however.

The fuck is wrong with this world


Commented 8 years ago2015-05-21 07:06:14 UTC Comment #51070
Bad and irresponsible parenting.
Commented 8 years ago2015-05-22 09:06:09 UTC Comment #51068
4 years is a disgraceful excuse for a sentence!
Commented 8 years ago2015-05-23 20:44:04 UTC Comment #51069
Needed 18.

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