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Posted 4 years ago2016-02-24 15:29:00 UTC
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Paint nite!
Yes that's the correct spelling, silly Americans and our butchery of the English language. It's a company name, so that's all their fault.
Anyway, at a Paint nite event, you have a few glasses of wine / beers / your favorite liquor, and you follow along with an artist and paint something.

Last night was a cat sitting under a tree:
User posted image
Cute right? Kinda lame though, and I'm not a fan of pink.
I was following along well enough up until about halfway through:
User posted image
Looks alright. My tree upon the empire of dirt. Everything's grey-scale for now.
It came time to draw the cat and I thought to myself: "Nah, let's do something cooler".
User posted image


Commented 4 years ago2016-02-24 18:52:02 UTC Comment #49672
Looks very good ^^
Commented 4 years ago2016-02-24 19:21:30 UTC Comment #49673
The WIP image is quite noir.
Commented 4 years ago2016-02-25 08:32:17 UTC Comment #49671
Woah, your art for the T-rex is pretty darn good! But you forgot to add the picket fence.
Commented 4 years ago2016-02-25 13:05:47 UTC Comment #49670
I ran out of time for the fence :D That T-Rex took the remainder of the night. I was one of the last ones painting.

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