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Posted 1 year ago2017-01-18 19:57:11 UTC
sample vodka sample vodkaThe life is like game chance
lol, is in this site any banned user?


Commented 1 year ago2017-01-18 20:02:32 UTC Comment #67979
You should have asked that in the forum :P
We (you and I) never got banned, so...
Commented 1 year ago2017-01-18 20:23:36 UTC Comment #67981
i guess banning isnt a feature in this site. but i noticed some people never used their account after joining here. i see some users joined but they never beign online since the day they joined. and also they never posted anything. some people act like that. i dont know but i see one of the latest members added his shopping site link to his account, but never been online since that day. i dont want to blame him, maybe he is not intended to create useless membership, and dump it for advertising purposes, maybe he is just busy for now to be online again. but this is suspicious.
Commented 1 year ago2017-01-18 21:13:34 UTC Comment #67972
I have a vague recollection of seeing the occasional temporary ban but I don't recall any permanent bans.
Commented 1 year ago2017-01-18 22:06:25 UTC Comment #67980
Hmm, I also remember one account about a hospital. Yes, a hospital registered here. On that day, I stopped saying hello to new members :(
Commented 1 year ago2017-01-18 23:14:44 UTC Comment #67970
Oh, it's a thing. It doesn't need to happen often, but the power is there, I believe...
Commented 1 year ago2017-01-19 00:31:05 UTC Comment #67973
That's probably the oldest member on TWHL.
Commented 1 year ago2017-01-19 01:22:54 UTC Comment #67982
no here is another one same date he is joined. this is weird they are older than first member.
Commented 1 year ago2017-01-19 02:24:57 UTC Comment #67971
I think the join date just gets set to some default, probably that UNIX epoch thingy. I sincerely doubt anyone joined TWHL in 1969 >.> (Y'know, since the internet as we know it didn't exist then at all.)
Commented 1 year ago2017-01-19 04:08:59 UTC Comment #67974
Commented 1 year ago2017-01-19 08:26:34 UTC Comment #67967
Commented 1 year ago2017-01-20 16:37:55 UTC Comment #67975
I love that page.
Commented 1 year ago2017-01-21 09:19:47 UTC Comment #67976

that guy was a fucking cunt
Commented 1 year ago2017-01-21 21:22:16 UTC Comment #67978
Why he was a "cunt"?
Commented 1 year ago2017-01-22 17:53:40 UTC Comment #67968
There have only been four or five permabans that I can remember (excluding spambots) and all were given many chances before a permaban was enforced.

iirc Crollo was permabanned back in 2009 for creating multiple spam accounts and generally being a nuisance. He's been a great member since his return, though.
Commented 1 year ago2017-02-04 23:06:47 UTC Comment #67969
Remember Orpheus. I do.
He now fights for freedom
Commented 1 year ago2017-02-05 12:31:29 UTC Comment #67977
You usually are warned before ban. I was warned once for posting a link to illegal software. I thought it was Ok, but obviously I didn't triple check the link... Penguinboy was so kind with me and I learnt the lesson.

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