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Posted 5 years ago2017-07-11 16:17:04 UTC
What is your biggest proud?

The mine are my mods (^:


Commented 5 years ago2017-07-11 16:46:51 UTC Comment #67991
I'm most proud of:
  • my school map
  • my girlfriend Jody (because I taught her Far Cry 1 mapping, now she's on my level, maybe slightly above :D)
  • de_kobbl
  • my video about my school's funniest moments
  • all the (back then) noob mappers I taught and helped
  • ts_untergrund
  • mp_verycold
  • some other things I didn't remember to add here
fun_kobbl will soon enter the list. :)
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-11 17:17:11 UTC Comment #68000
Living :(
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-11 18:39:11 UTC Comment #67998
My voice (especially laughter).
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-11 19:55:45 UTC Comment #67992
Oh, yeah, that's one thing I didn't remember. My own voice. You've probably heard the contagious laughters in my school moments video. XD
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-11 19:55:46 UTC Comment #67993
Oh, yeah, that's one thing I didn't remember. My own voice. You've probably heard the contagious laughters in my school moments video. XD

Edit: Oh no, double post. :o
Edit #2:
I might as well add up to it:
I am also proud of my Wiremod creations in GMod. They're simply epic!
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-12 10:44:04 UTC Comment #67986
all the answers to this question are so far a little unusual haha.
(unless I'm misunderstanding the question)
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-12 10:49:19 UTC Comment #67994
I interpreted the question as "What's your biggest pride?" or "What are you most proud of?"

WorstMapper's answer is definitely unusual. I don't understand why he put a sadface after "Living". :P
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-12 12:32:09 UTC Comment #67989
my limp noodle.

Jokes aside and being serious, everything I've done in life so far - be it mods, things, activities, bla bla bla as well as the family and friends I've made.

Oh, and having given orgasms to the female human species I copulated with. 8)
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-12 18:01:53 UTC Comment #67995

Congratulations on the last.
I'll definitely never have a chance. XD
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-13 01:01:10 UTC Comment #67987
So... Admer is most proud of some things he recently made, WorstMapper is most proud/sad(???) of his life and Windawz is most proud of his voice (especially when he laughs)?

That is one interesting selection.

I'm not sure what I'm most proud of but those things generally don't spring to mind! haha
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-13 04:38:24 UTC Comment #67984
My wife, my daughter, my circle of friends and The Core. :)
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-13 07:02:24 UTC Comment #67996

Honestly, I don't have anything else to be proud of. I haven't done anything in the 'real world' yet. I did save one of my cousins a long time ago (circa 2011) from getting hit by a car. If it were something like saving him from somebody who was going to kill him, then I would be proud. :P

Well, now I remember a few more things I'm proud of:
  • my country (could've been the opposite, though)
  • the fact that I finished elementary school (and 9th grade with bothing but As)
  • my journal which reached 181 comments
  • lastly, my dedication to all of the stuff I've imagined. Enough said on that part if you interpret it right.
Also, I think I've started flooding this journal. Sorry about that, but that's when I reply to as most people as I can. :(
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-13 09:20:29 UTC Comment #67990
Almost post of this journal are from Admer (^:
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-13 09:53:50 UTC Comment #67985
I did a pretty difficult crossword this morning. #realpride
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-13 10:20:50 UTC Comment #67999
"and Windawz is most proud of his voice (especially when he laughs)?"

To be honest, I always wanted to help some modding team with voice acting.
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-13 12:14:46 UTC Comment #67988
Admer don't be so hard on yourself :P
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-13 13:17:16 UTC Comment #67997

But why not? :P
After all, it is the truth, and I (mostly) tell the truth. The truth is, for example, that I've been playing GMod for the last few days instead of working on my map.
Just as I don't like lying to others, I'd not like to lie to myself, so I'll just accept the truth that I don't have much to be proud of...

But on the other side, Jody's definitely got something to be proud of. :D
Commented 5 years ago2017-07-14 00:33:46 UTC Comment #67983
My biggest proud? Mapping? Drawing? Music? Video game dev?

Fuck that shit.

My biggest proud is my ability to make my wife laugh.

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