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Posted 8 months ago2017-09-18 19:23:12 UTC
Admer456 Admer456What's this? Custom title? OwO
High school. I can't believe that I've lived up to go to high school.
I cannot express this specific feeling of repetition. And there's more than that.
TL;DR at the bottom. c:

This year, I finished 9th grade, thus completing elementary school. I was very surprised that I even managed to conclude maths with an A, something I've never done since, uhh... 3rd grade?

And the summer felt like forever. Except it wouldn't last forever. My summer break ended on the 5th of September (it would've been the 1st of September if it hadn't been for a Muslim holiday here).

Two days, or one day before it started, I had posted a journal which, kind of, implied that I was going through a middle-age crisis.
I felt terrible, I thought that the next day would mean the end of the world.

But no! It all turned out juuuust fine. I was extremely nervous and my heart was beating very fast. I got to the school, they were calling out each student to sort them out in classes/groups/whatever.

And I barely heard my name, but it was fairly different from all the other names (especially since my surname doesn't end with that typical -ić, or -ović), so I knew it was me.
My class and I went to the classroom, and we were asked some questions (personal info) by our class teacher. For every word I spoke, my stress levels would've increased. :P

The class was over after that and then we exited the school. My mum was waiting for me and I said "I survived!". Man, what a relief.

And now, this electro-techhical high school became very normal to me. I don't perceive it as a thing which came from outer space any more. It's a school just like any other. :D

Though, I chose this high school because it had so many good things about it. For example:
  • More I.T.-related subjects/classes
  • More technical classes
  • No biology, no music class, no geography! :D
(I like making music, but learning and revising about the same composers and time periods for years is boring, plus we don't learn how to compose music at all here)
  • "Practical" class (or practice class). This is where we literally apply our knowledge about tech and stuff. :D
  • Frickin' programming starts in the 2nd year/grade! I can wait, I'm patient. :3 (t.b.h. I can hardly force-start myself to learn the basics of programming at the moment, I'm stuck on other projects)
We'll have history and physics for the first 2 years, and no more. There's also chemistry, but only in the first year. Good thing we don't have Latin. I'd not like to learn a 'dead' language. But I have to admit, Latin is cool.

Another thing I'd like to point out, while we're at languages: I've switched from Turkish to German. FINALLY! Now I'll start learning that language. xD
I know it means learning a whole new language from the start. I do know a couple of things in German. I'm usually good at learning languages. :P

Let's just hope that the teacher won't make references to Nazis. One of my friends from elementary school told me that their German teacher often makes funny references to Nazis. Lol.

As much as it can be, this is an excellent high school and I totally don't regret signing up there. Now if we only had game modding, or something, as a class...

Hmm, this thing bothers me:
A day before high school started, I had imagined a conversation with a girl in the class. I didn't know any of my classmates, so I just imagined someone and considered her as my classmate. And she was a gamer.

The weird thing is, a few days later, I found out that there's a girl gamer in my class. Wow. I've made her laugh a lot of times, I'll have to say that. :3
She plays CS:GO and LoL if you really want to know. Not really the type of games I'd play (CS:GO is basically a competitive skin fest, I don't play those. Besides, I suck at multiplayer FPS'es).

What an interesting coincidence, though!

I may miss my old friends from elementary school, but I certainly appreciate the new classmates. They're all calm during the class, nice to talk to and they found me somewhat interesting, so an occasional question sometimes gets directed to me.

I have my middle-age crisis before high school begins, because I believed that I haven't done enough during the summer break.
When I start going to high school, everything turns normal, and everything goes on as usual.
It's the same cycle that went on for years. When I finished 8th grade, I wasn't fine with 9th grade starting. I thought it would be the end of the world, but, just like with high school, everything was normal.


Commented 8 months ago2017-09-19 04:35:28 UTC Comment #68437
Kind of typical oversensitivity for people of your age. Kids deal with it differently, for you it's middle-age crisis.
Commented 8 months ago2017-09-19 15:06:16 UTC Comment #68435
Gonna drop some truth on you.

You'll be fine. And always remember the golden rule: for every year of education, you need that many years of the real world to undo the damage and learn to be yourself. The 30's are
pretty good, you have time, money, and energy to put your life together. As for high school, keep your hobbies as they are but also learn a practical trade like cooking or plumbing. Start aiming for what you want now so you'll be ahead of the competition when you get there. There is no level playing field and life isn't fair at all. You can make no mistakes and still lose. However, people are naturally fascinated by others that do things exceptionally well. Always remember that golden rule too: it'll take ten thousand hours of practice to make it to the world's stage.
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One, small update:
Having had my first German class today, I can safely say that I've made a good choice.
On just one class, I learned more of German than I would learn in Turkish on 5 classes of Turkish. Not only that, but German sounds prettier i.m.o. and it's easier. :D

For some reason, even though I am fully aware of that, I still have that middle-age crisis every year. Interesting.

Thank you.

However: "learn a practical trade like cooking or plumbing"

I'm one of those guys in the class who always learn (or try to learn) everything perfectly, so I don't really have time for anything else.

Besides, practical class is, in a way, learning a practical trade (we'll be doing electronic circuits, using and constructing various equipment etc.). Hihihihi.
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The forties are even more satisfying.

Sharing your favorite games with your children is arguably the best experience for a gaming parent.

Teaching your children Hammer is a wonderful bonding experience.

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