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Posted 8 months ago2017-09-29 14:58:28 UTC
My next PC for 2018.

I am going to wait for a sale.


Commented 8 months ago2017-09-29 20:20:08 UTC Comment #48455
Oh it is really expensive. "Build own computer" is cheaper than buy whole expensive computer.

You know my new computer was released since December 2016. My daddy and me buy strong powerful computer parts like display card, motherboard and high ram saver and processor and more My processor is intel but it is really faster than AMD because it works with Mac OS Xfrom VMWare Player :o And I am really very happy because my computer is very fast and cheap together up to 1600 Euro. It is not expensive. Please think good and try to build own computer because they want buy parts of computer than you can build own computer. It is not expensive. If you buy processor, motherboard, air venti and ram up to 16 gb or 32 Gb if you like and you buy ssd hard disk becuase ssd is faster than normal hard disk. If you want buy and build own computer. If your daddy helps you together why not. Or if you have friend if your friend has experience. Good luck and get buy building computer.
Commented 8 months ago2017-09-29 20:50:34 UTC Comment #48460

1600 euros is not cheap in my opinion. For me, 600 euros is between expensive and acceptable. Only less than 300 or 200 is cheap, according to my standards. xD
Commented 8 months ago2017-09-29 21:41:28 UTC Comment #48452
Ram: 16 gigabytes of force lightning.
Motherboard: One the original slates God's Ten Commandments were written upon.
Graphics Card: Eye of Sauron++ on acid and it's a Friday night.
Audio Card: a potato chip.

And free Mcafee.

I don't know what I would do with that much power. I suppose photoshop would finally run better I guess. Glad you're get a hot new rig, a lot of games seem rather unoptimized these days.
Commented 8 months ago2017-09-29 22:38:17 UTC Comment #48458
I mean, 1600 Euro isn't really that much cheaper than what he's buying here...
Commented 8 months ago2017-09-30 09:18:18 UTC Comment #48453
I built all of my computers since 2002 (five of them). You can't get a better deal than a commercial builder because they get special deals for buying in bulk.

I taught my son how to build one.
Commented 8 months ago2017-09-30 09:24:25 UTC Comment #48454
By the way, my dad is 82 years old. He doesn't know jack about computer hardware.
Commented 8 months ago2017-09-30 10:48:30 UTC Comment #48456
@Admer, you don't understand. I live in Germany and prices stairs up and make expensive. That is why you know a butter in Germany costed before 0,60 Euro Now 2,50 Euro. Very expensive. My computer together with new monitor Dell 27 zoll. It is really big. My eyes feel better if I read big monitor. 1600 Euro is okay cheap / normal.

@Crollo yes but I live in Germany, Hello it is sometimes expensive. I never use MediaMarkt. My daddy and me use just, or Conrad because they are safe if I use Chinese computer shop and computer can explode. That is why unsafe. I hate unsafe electric chips if they are not safe. Please make sure normal 1600 Euro. Because 1600 Euro = safest, 800 to 1200 Euro = unsafe but slow computer chrrrr. and 2400 Euro = safe but very fast, addictive and electricity guzzlers

Why do you not know about electricity guzzlers? If you want buy expensive computer than you will get electricity fee in end of month - you will shock than you forget you cannot pay for electricity. For my computer has quiet air con of computer is energy poor = OK!

@Satchmo Glad to you. You can build - I hope you will build and computer will be happy. :D
Commented 8 months ago2017-09-30 12:17:48 UTC Comment #48461
Now I understand. Prices are bad here, too. :/
Commented 8 months ago2017-09-30 16:28:16 UTC Comment #48457
@Admer I'm right. Thanks that is why! Does your country Bosnia have many ascended prices. That is why typical European Union has to ascend price of wares because they want earn money. Euro is always stronger than Dollar.
Commented 8 months ago2017-09-30 20:32:30 UTC Comment #48462
Yeah, but we don't use euros here...
We use KM, short for "konvertibilna marka". Around 2 KM = 1€. Lol.
Now imagine a 1600 euro PC in Bosnia. Not only 3200KM, but even more than that! XD
Commented 8 months ago2017-10-04 11:27:50 UTC Comment #48459
Personally i'm waiting on the new intel generation chips and will probably get a new custom rig based on whatever AMD brings to the table to compete with the i9's (as it currently stands right now, might change my opinion in the future).
Pretty sure my current build (i7 4820k, 1060 6gb, 16gb) would fare horribly with V-RAY for real time engines, which my future rig will be built around on.

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