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Posted 1 year ago2017-10-14 22:22:12 UTC
Admer456 Admer456Lean, mean, mapping machine :3
This might be too early, but I'll write it anyway:

It's 1:21 a.m. at my place, and that means it's the 15th of October here.
And guess what was made that day...

My laptop! Wow, I can hardly believe that it's been 10 years.
But yeah, it's 10 years old. ;)


Commented 1 year ago2017-10-14 23:48:39 UTC Comment #68439
Might be time to get a new one... :P

I've never had a laptop that lasted more than three years, so I tend to avoid them.
Commented 1 year ago2017-10-15 00:13:16 UTC Comment #68441
My computers tend to last around 7 years and I KNOW it's pushing it. But you're proud it's been TEN?
Commented 1 year ago2017-10-15 05:59:02 UTC Comment #68444
Of course I'm proud, because it managed to stay alive that long.

In the near future, I'll consider upgrading the RAM (maybe a new HDD as well) and applying new thermal paste (because the processor gets really hot on idle). I can't do it now because of high school and the fact that my options are limited to buying stuff only from my country.

Also, one of my friends has a desktop PC from 2005. Haha, think about that for a second. And he would play Forgotten Hope 2 (BF2 mod) and Mount & Blade: Warband on it. Now, he has a GTX 1060 + Ryzen 5 1500X PC. What a powerful beast.

Meh, I'll not get a new one.
I'm going to get a new PC by the end of this year, so that's already a big expense. Getting a new laptop isn't neccessary.

I mean, if I want power, I don't need portability. If I need portability (e.g. when going to school, or to my grandparents etc.), I don't need power!
Commented 1 year ago2017-10-16 06:47:29 UTC Comment #68442
Why not both portability and power?
Commented 1 year ago2017-10-16 07:26:13 UTC Comment #68445
Because it costs too much.
If I wanted the power of a GTX 1050 + Ryzen 5 1400 PC in a laptop, I'd have to pay so, so much. There. :P

On the other hand, I simply don't need that power when I'm going somewhere. Because I'm carrying it somewhere, using its portability, just to do something that doesn't require much power.
And when I'm doing something that needs power, I don't need to carry it!

Commented 1 year ago2017-10-16 17:29:17 UTC Comment #68440
@Snehk: I'd say one or the other. Investing in a powerful laptop is a huge mistake in my opinion. I have often considering getting a laptop, but I wouldn't dream of getting one for gaming. Artwork and writing maybe, perhaps have a few older titles on there, but a modern day "gaming" laptop is just a massive waste of money.
Commented 1 year ago2017-10-16 20:58:22 UTC Comment #68443
I'm not talking about super powerful gaming laptops, but something that combines portability and decent power at a reasonable price. Laptop's power is dependent on what you'd need it for. I'm not using PC at all - everything I do is made on a laptop. Models, levels, writing, design etc. That's why I have a fairly stronger laptop, which is outdated by a few years already anyway. Intel core i5 2.2GHz, 4GB RAM, Geforce 920M 2GB graphics and wonderful sound suites all my needs - and that's medium range laptop.

If you need a laptop only for browsing web, writing documents or something like that, you don't need super strong laptop. If you do everything like me, using a laptop - medium range will be all that you need.
Commented 1 year ago2017-10-17 19:46:08 UTC Comment #68446
"reasonable price"
Nah. In my country, there's no such thing.

One of the reasons I'll build my new PC is to do some stuff in CryEngine (don't ask, I know that it crashes!). Other than that, it will be great for compiling maps. For that price, there's no laptop in my country that has the same power. :P

My 2007 laptop, however, can also do stuff in CryEngine, but CryEngine 1. xD

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