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Posted 2 years ago2018-04-15 07:48:26 UTC
Striker StrikerI forgot to check the oil pressure
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He is kicked out of the idyllic multi-potentiality land and forced by the unmerciful laws of physics to evolve towards a chosen essence.
All voices scream: you've tasted existence, now you must become, or else!

He'd rather have a third option... though life is interesting and solving the problems of becoming life-giving and life-enhancing seems an impossible yet achievable task. And it waters his mouth and makes him enthusiastic.


Commented 2 years ago2018-04-15 10:05:47 UTC Comment #58571
...Happy Birthday?
Commented 2 years ago2018-04-15 11:18:32 UTC Comment #58578
Happy 25th! (=Manganese's atom number)
Commented 2 years ago2018-04-15 11:28:34 UTC Comment #58572
Ah, of course
Commented 2 years ago2018-04-15 23:35:12 UTC Comment #58574
Happy birthday. But Potatis... how'd you figure that out. I don't understand that.
Commented 2 years ago2018-04-16 08:05:29 UTC Comment #58573
Happy birthday!
Commented 2 years ago2018-04-16 08:58:15 UTC Comment #58580
User posted image
Commented 2 years ago2018-04-16 09:20:56 UTC Comment #58579
@Tetsu0: I did a reverse image search on Google which took me to Wikipedia's article on rhodochrosite, chemical composition MnCO3.
Commented 2 years ago2018-04-16 09:58:09 UTC Comment #58583
Happy birthday!
Commented 2 years ago2018-04-16 10:04:04 UTC Comment #58584
Happy birthday!
Commented 2 years ago2018-04-16 15:58:17 UTC Comment #58582
Happy birthday and best wishes!
Commented 2 years ago2018-04-16 22:17:02 UTC Comment #58576
a happy day of the birthday to you Striker!
Commented 2 years ago2018-04-17 03:09:36 UTC Comment #58577
Thank you a lot guys, haha. I had doubts the riddle would be a bit weird to solve, but somebody always delivers (potatis ftw!).
Commented 2 years ago2018-04-18 11:13:00 UTC Comment #58575
Whoops it was yesterday. Something about daylight savings time. Happy birthday bro!
Commented 2 years ago2018-05-02 23:53:08 UTC Comment #58581
Happy birthday!

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