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Posted 5 years ago2018-06-30 07:09:09 UTC
Jessie JessieTrans Rights <3
Due to reasons, I suddenly have a lot less free time than I once did. This is going to make having a set-in-stone regular schedule... well, probably impossible.

I'm not 100% sure how I'm going to continue the streams from here on out. I intend to continue, but I'm going to have to become more flexible with when I do them, which I'm sure will be less convenient for anyone trying to catch them. If it comes down to it, I may have to make them shorter, too. Will just have to see what happens.

For now, TWMV is on hiatus until I can work something out.


Commented 5 years ago2018-06-30 18:42:59 UTC Comment #101329
I've enjoyed watching you. The times don't matter much to me, as I don't know beforehand whether or not I'll be able to watch at a certain time. Being busy has its pros and cons. Good luck with whatever you're doing!
Commented 5 years ago2018-06-30 18:55:23 UTC Comment #101330

Maybe you could farm a couple of episodes out to contributors you've used before. Give yourself a break?
Commented 5 years ago2018-06-30 22:02:56 UTC Comment #101331
I've actually slipped far behind on watching the stream archives so this might be good news for me! There's just so much content to go through in each stream that I rarely manage to get through an entire one, so maybe doing smaller ones for just a few maps at once or even single maps numbered by their MV ID, then "Mod Specials" would be both more digestible and work better with your schedule.
Commented 5 years ago2018-07-01 06:28:39 UTC Comment #101332
they dont have to be live in Twitch, you could always just do them in you're own time and upload them to YouTube
Commented 5 years ago2018-07-02 07:05:47 UTC Comment #101334

Agreed with Archie, one of us could pick up the slack in your downtime, because honestly the videos are really meaningful as an archive and the fact you've already done so many so frequently speaks so much about your dedication to it
Commented 5 years ago2018-07-02 07:38:12 UTC Comment #101335
@NineTnine: Doing plain ol' videos has crossed my mind, but having it live does have some advantages. Namely, it gets other people involved without having them take the time out to be explicit guests, it makes it more interactive, and it makes it more entertaining for me. Changing format into straight video would give more freedom to edit it down into a more palatable form, but... I'm not yet convinced it's worth it.

@JeffMOD: If size is an issue already, then that's a point in favour of cutting the length down a little bit. It would make it a little less of a process to get the recordings up, too.

@Archie + Instant Mix: I suppose I'm not against the idea of letting others take the reigns for a little while, provided someone was willing to put in that time. (If they were to use the same format and livery, that would take a little setting up.)

Honestly, I'm not looking to have this hiatus be a long one. If anything, it's an issue of communication. I do have enough time to do them, but without having set times that I can reliably do them at each week, there's two problems: One, without it being on a schedule, I'm likely to become a bit tardy and put it off (which is more a me-problem than anything else, so not really an actionable issue). Two, it's harder to make it clear that there is a stream before the stream happens.

When it's at the same time each week, people are able to know that and don't necessarily have to depend on, say, my shoutbox message 20-60 minutes before it happens. What I actually need is a more direct way of letting people know that a stream is 'bout to happen. If people can't watch (or don't want to), they can not watch, and that's fine. But if people can and do want to watch, they need a way to know that it's an option! And I'm not sure how I can make that happen.

(Also, as a side effect of all this, I'm not going to be able to do them at my usual relatively-timezone-friendly times of day. Unsure how that will affect things at this point.)
Commented 5 years ago2018-07-02 14:31:52 UTC Comment #101337
I'll be honest. I've not been able to catch the live stream for a couple of weeks. British Summer Time means that I can only really get the first hour of the weekday stream before needing to retire to get a semi-decent amount of sleep. The weekend is just getting hectic with the youngest starting to move about and the eldest wanting to play in the sun all day...

That said, depending on what is put in place, I will try to watch whenever I can, otherwise I'll be catching up via the VODs when I'm cooking dinner and whatnot.

Hell, I've wanted to get back into streaming myself because I really enjoyed the interaction aspect of it, but my time is just getting soaked up by toddlers and babies and wives... mostly one of each of those.
Commented 5 years ago2018-07-02 17:41:05 UTC Comment #101340
i'd like to stream too but it be impossible to get the video quality your streams had, also my internet randomly goes below 1 mbps sometimes

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