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Posted 5 years ago2018-09-27 08:32:06 UTC
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Been a while since I've posted a journal of this nature, but it's been a while since I've made something relevant to you guys.

6 hour shoot, 14 hour edit, grade and sound mix. I am beyond broken, but genuinely proud of this given the time constraints. The clients seemed to really like it too, which is always a bonus.
Lemme know whatcha think!



Commented 5 years ago2018-09-27 10:16:36 UTC Comment #101537
Hey, you're that guy with the thing!

That was really well done. I'm no expert, but the grading and editing was smooth, and I like the transition to game footage. Lots of people in the comments seem to like it, too. That would've of been a cool shoot, you must having fun.
Commented 5 years ago2018-09-27 18:00:51 UTC Comment #101538
Nice work, and you managed to complete the entire thing in under 24 hours total? That is super impressive!

Also personally I don't really care if it's "relevant" to gaming or not - If you're proud of a project you've worked on and you have the ability to post the finished result or some behind the scenes photos of the shoot, please feel free to post them. I've always enjoyed seeing these kinds of journals from you.
Commented 5 years ago2018-09-27 18:49:41 UTC Comment #101540
The aesthetic of the opening scene is really jaw-dropping. I don't know if I'm permitted to have a critical reaction to this, I imagine how difficult it is to set up such a shoot, with those expensive assets and what not, but for some reason my mind was a bit dissatisfied with the constant focus on the details (the shots at the bigger focal length). It disorients me not having enough visual detail of the environment and subtracts from the action feeling.
But given the under 24 hours of work put into this, my critical reaction is totally destroyed.
It's just awesome that you're starting to have such film&editing opportunities. Cheers!
Commented 5 years ago2018-09-28 01:39:00 UTC Comment #101541
Thanks, guys!

Totally agree, Striker! My first cut had far more scene geography, but the client wanted it all close up action. Oh well.

New one coming out tomorrow with Ken Block
Commented 5 years ago2018-10-02 16:10:52 UTC Comment #101544
Here's the Ken Block one, a little later than planned:
Commented 5 years ago2018-10-03 02:24:43 UTC Comment #101545
If you can only hear the sound of my jaw hitting my desk.. Excellent work! It must be cool to work with such awesome cars.
Commented 5 years ago2018-10-06 15:38:15 UTC Comment #101548
Is there a link?
Commented 5 years ago2018-10-15 12:57:42 UTC Comment #101553
You're making stuff for Microsoft? That's the real shit man!

It's great to see everyone branching to his destiny.

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