Why I am here, where else you can find me.

Posted 9 months ago2018-11-20 03:04:56 UTC
I want to breathe new life into Dark Messiah, I have the sdk up and running and managed to learn how to use hammer for displacements.
I use Terrain Generator by Nem and Geocontrol 2, but unsatisfied with the results I am interested in acquiring 3dskmax with wallworm for cave systems as well as world machine for terrains, especially 3d skyboxes, I saw these techniques yield beautiful results and feel like I am missing out otherwise.

I am interested how authors used to do their brushwork before displacements, in trenchbroom and goldsrc, I feel this chunk of arcane knowledge will come in handy for building groin vaults in gothic architecture.

You can find me on Whatsapp and Telegram 669712285


Commented 9 months ago2018-11-20 10:10:59 UTC Comment #101627
If you're interested in pre-displacement-era terrain (which is not just fake displacements), take a look at my Advanced Terrain Creation tutorial, precisely the last few sections under "Toward Gearbox-style terrain".


It should serve as an introduction to these old (but gold) terrain-making methods. I covered only a few terrain types that you can make with each technique, but I am planning to write a part 2 for tne tutorial.
Commented 9 months ago2018-11-21 00:17:49 UTC Comment #101630
just the vertex mode. Youll never make intricate stuff with generators. As for those gothic domes, its just two cylinders passing through each other

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