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Posted 3 years ago2019-04-27 11:51:21 UTC
Screamernail ScreamernailYour personal Fear
Yes I'll be retrying to build up the HappyFaces mod and see if it can be played online.

I'll be making new maps and ask for help like how to limit the map selection to just the mod's own maps and getting the stripped combine model to be animated. Oh, and if someone wants to help me with mapping for it then I can say what the mod's primary focus is.

Role playing, having conversations, normal deathmatches and to explore and interact. The maps are focused on being simple and to feel old-school because it is based on the 2006 build of Source. And only feature the textures from the original Half-Life 2 cause I don't have episode 1 or 2.

And I also wanted to let players change color as an option. And that's all for this journal.

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Commented 3 years ago2019-04-30 20:05:07 UTC Comment #101971
Cool. :)

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