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Posted 1 year ago2019-07-27 08:07:02 UTC
Ghost129er Ghost129erSAS1946 Certified Nuisance
Okay, it was a tradition to graffiti the crap out of an aircraft if they landed on the wrong carrier, as so:
User posted image
Welp, here's your chance to do it to this:
User posted image
Just scribble some graffiti on a paper, preferably with a thick pen/marker, take a photo and upload it to a hosting site and paste the link here, and I'll convert/attach it to the skin where you specify.

Here's an example, using my Note 4's Notes app to draw the text:
User posted image
Specify where you want it on the aircraft... (If you want it anywhere specific)

That way it'll be easier to get into photoshop... And result in...
User posted image

Looking forward to some stuff 8)

PS - Feel free to PM your submission if you'd like to stay anon or something.
User posted image
User posted image
Plenty of space for words/writing if you choose that over drawings/doodles!


Commented 1 year ago2019-07-27 10:18:56 UTC Comment #102171
Everyone knows whose name I'm gonna write. :P
User posted image
Original, doodled with a Czech fine liner:
User posted image
If it's okay, this could go on the right wing somewhere:
User posted image
Commented 1 year ago2019-07-27 22:55:23 UTC Comment #102174
Just above the engine infront of the windshield
Commented 1 year ago2019-08-05 14:07:31 UTC Comment #102201
Direct copy paste from my post on SAS1946.
A few of you may have seen my Community Project - Navy Graffiti Skin post and some people have asked me if there will be a IL-2 1946/FB Version. Now with the skin done (since it was a Battle of Stalingrad skin) and finished (though I need to post some updated screenies), I've just finished off a slightly modified version of this for 1946 users to experience this skin too and to use it if they wish to, or to have it in their collection.

This skin consists of mostly modern memes/internet trends rather than classic Navy Graffiti since I took to Tumblr and other forums to get some pieces of work for this skin, so, that should pretty much explain it's lack of historic comments..
Click to enlarge photos!
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Download link:Here for IL-2 1946!!
Commented 1 year ago2019-08-05 14:08:16 UTC Comment #102202
Here's the one IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad image that Imgur let me upload, having severe problems uploading the rest for some reason...
User posted image
A big shoutout and thanks to everyone on all the sites that have contributed and helped to it! Most of which were from Tumblr and few of the artists there who reblogged the post to get attention/spread awareness of this project.

Enjoy! (Battle of Stalingrad link to be uploaded shortly)
Commented 1 year ago2019-08-05 20:58:14 UTC Comment #102203

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