It's the thing

Posted 3 years ago2019-07-27 22:10:04 UTC
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
It's that thing again that I didn't do last year because reasons but I'm back at it. This is the only clue you're gonna get.


Commented 3 years ago2019-07-27 22:35:11 UTC Comment #102173
No context?
User posted image
User posted image
Commented 3 years ago2019-07-28 02:15:42 UTC Comment #102175
It's a TWHL journal and it's obscure... Happy Birthday?
Commented 3 years ago2019-07-28 02:16:02 UTC Comment #102176
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I swear to God if this isn't it, I'm a get really embarrassed.
Commented 3 years ago2019-07-28 07:34:22 UTC Comment #102177
Welp Happy Birthday!
Commented 3 years ago2019-07-28 10:50:54 UTC Comment #102178
Happy birthday!
Commented 3 years ago2019-07-28 13:56:56 UTC Comment #102179
Happy Birthday!
Commented 3 years ago2019-07-28 19:32:44 UTC Comment #102180
Thanks peoples, you gots it. )
Commented 3 years ago2019-07-29 11:55:59 UTC Comment #102181
TWHL is the only place I know that does this. I love how it has evolved over the decades.

Happy Birthday!
Commented 3 years ago2019-07-29 18:06:20 UTC Comment #102182
(sorry for being a bit late)
Commented 3 years ago2019-07-29 19:43:01 UTC Comment #102183
Yer too late, all the cake is gone!
Commented 3 years ago2019-07-30 11:27:04 UTC Comment #102184
There still seems to be something in the middle though. ^^
Commented 3 years ago2019-08-04 10:28:32 UTC Comment #102194
Rimrook said:TWHL is the only place I know that does this. I love how it has evolved over the decades.
I accidentally stumbled upon a comment on Interlopers by Jman:
I think what I don't like the most about the modern internet/modding scene is that communities are so impersonal, stuff like Reddit and Twitter I never really notice the same screen names and build up my friends list like I did with these types of forums.

This sums up pretty well what's happening globally. Communities used to be really tight-knit in the past I guess.
I wonder if the facebookification of the internet is correlated with higher degrees of depression.
Commented 2 years ago2019-08-12 10:57:58 UTC Comment #102207
to quote Striker (or Jeffmod?)
"I see an obscure journal entry, I saw Happy Birthday"
Commented 2 years ago2019-08-12 13:24:27 UTC Comment #102208
Thanks y'alls. :)

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