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Posted 2 years ago2020-07-27 22:00:41 UTC


Commented 2 years ago2020-07-28 17:10:55 UTC Comment #102813
But... What is it? :aghast:
Commented 2 years ago2020-07-28 20:17:31 UTC Comment #102814
It's a Minecraft world in which a weird pattern on the ground has been found but doesn't seem to make any sense... unless you have a smartphone...
Commented 2 years ago2020-07-29 19:00:01 UTC Comment #102815
Looks like nobody can be bothered to look. :nuts:
Commented 2 years ago2020-07-29 20:38:48 UTC Comment #102816
Sorry man, aint got no minecraft :D
Commented 2 years ago2020-07-29 21:18:11 UTC Comment #102817
Happy birthday!
Commented 2 years ago2020-07-29 22:02:02 UTC Comment #102818
Happy birthday!
Commented 2 years ago2020-07-29 22:22:56 UTC Comment #102819
spits cereal of course! - Happy birthday!
Commented 2 years ago2020-07-30 01:47:31 UTC Comment #102820
nah this birthday journal was way too crypticBUTHAPPYBIRTHDAY!
Commented 2 years ago2020-07-30 10:53:35 UTC Comment #102822
Thanks, y'alls.
It was simply a QR code built in Minecraft. Guess I could to without the latter. xD
Commented 2 years ago2020-07-30 12:31:48 UTC Comment #102823
Happy birthday lmao
Commented 2 years ago2020-07-30 13:58:01 UTC Comment #102824
This is one hell of an effort to put into a TWHL journal. I legit thought of downloading the map but I didn't have Minecraft installed. My hat's off to you. Happy birthday!
Commented 2 years ago2020-07-30 22:48:12 UTC Comment #102830
To stick with the Minecraft theme: happy dandelions day! :P
Commented 2 years ago2020-08-01 09:01:46 UTC Comment #102838
Went to the trouble of uncovering the mystery of this journal. At least this forced me to remember my minecraft credentials.
What does it all mean?What does it all mean?
Happy birthday man! How are you lately?
Commented 2 years ago2020-08-01 14:19:58 UTC Comment #102840
Thanks again, y'alls.

And thanks Striker, yeah I'm doing good. Getting real tired of this gosh darn pandemic. Wish it was over.

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