Posted 2 years ago2021-01-28 15:37:31 UTC
Seeing all the people who haven't visited in >1 year makes me sad


Commented 2 years ago2021-01-28 17:24:18 UTC Comment #103212
Out of all the 1 103 people who have submitted a map in the map vault, 69 of us have logged in since the start of the year. We may be a small portion of everyone who has come here for Half-Life mapping, but I bet most of us will be around for a long time and that's not sad :) I think it's a pretty damn amazing achievement for a traditional online community like TWHL that so many are still here - despite Reddit and Facebook and such
Commented 2 years ago2021-01-28 18:22:45 UTC Comment #103213
I come here from time to time too, it was my home community when I grew up on the internet. Nowadays I still have an uncompleted project for Source but my life requires much more attention these years than my teen passion for Valve games.
Very rarely I come back to mapping again.
Commented 2 years ago2021-01-30 22:43:52 UTC Comment #103214
I love TWHL. It's fair to say that I've spent a considerable portion of my life here. A lot of the activity is over on the Discord now, but there are definitely fewer old timers around nowadays.

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