Posted 1 year ago2021-05-07 11:16:50 UTC
cambreaKer cambreaKerProfessional HDTFer
Today's my birthday! :combines: :hammer: Got an xbox 360, and yeah i know it's a bit late for a 360 but hey, i like old consoles lol
in other news, my HECU House map turned a year old, like a week ago. might release the map sources for it 'cuz why not :hammer:


Commented 1 year ago2021-05-07 14:16:32 UTC Comment #103551
happy birth Camera Wrecker :walter:
Commented 1 year ago2021-05-07 17:15:43 UTC Comment #103554
Happy birthday!!!!! ^w^
Commented 1 year ago2021-05-07 17:54:15 UTC Comment #103555
Happy Birthday!
Commented 1 year ago2021-05-07 22:04:20 UTC Comment #103557
had my not that long ago too :cool:
Commented 1 year ago2021-05-07 22:23:56 UTC Comment #103558
360 degrees is 1 full rotation or approximately 6 radians. Happy 16th birthday!
Commented 1 year ago2021-05-08 06:20:35 UTC Comment #103559
Happy Birthday dude! Nothing wrong with a 360, make sure to check out Enslaved, amazing hidden gem of a game 😉
Commented 1 year ago2021-05-08 08:47:53 UTC Comment #103560
Happi Bday for you,
Sorry for a late reply tho.
Commented 1 year ago2021-05-08 10:33:04 UTC Comment #103561
Is this birthday journal super cryptic or not cryptic enough :cool: .

you must be 360 years old! happy birthday!
Commented 1 year ago2021-05-08 23:48:20 UTC Comment #103562
thanks all! :crowbar:
Commented 1 year ago2021-05-09 16:55:34 UTC Comment #103563
Happy Birthday!
Commented 1 month ago2022-06-02 12:49:15 UTC Comment #104496
It's never too late to get an old console - they're made to play, not age :))

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