You want to play a little game?

Posted 3 weeks ago2021-08-29 09:54:36 UTC
The number which married Friday and horror multiplied by 2.

(It's an easy one I admit)


Commented 3 weeks ago2021-08-29 15:53:41 UTC Comment #103686
Happi birthday! 'w'
Commented 3 weeks ago2021-08-29 21:51:11 UTC Comment #103688
Happy 26
Commented 2 weeks ago2021-08-30 14:47:04 UTC Comment #103692
Do you know how to multiply a very large prime number?

Happy birthday!
Commented 2 weeks ago2021-08-30 20:40:44 UTC Comment #103694
Happy 26th belated birthday! You're the most delicious baguette-boy I've even knew! :gabe:
Commented 2 weeks ago2021-08-31 00:49:51 UTC Comment #103695
friday is the 5th day of the week.
5 multiplied by 2 is 10

Happy 10th Birthday!

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