Hello again

Posted 2 months ago2021-11-26 19:18:50 UTC
After a few years of absence, in addition to problems and turmoils, I'm finally back.

I have a lot of new stuff to show, like new maps, some photos of hobbies and... maybe some mods to unveil.

The reason I came back is because I have matured, and I realized that reserved sites, like forums and this community, are very safe. Unlike social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, among others...

Too much life exposure drains you. The internet from 2015 until now has gotten worse, because these social media has grown a lot.

As I said before, I gonna post some photos of personal hobbies, but without exposing me too much.

Anyway, I'm back. I hope you understand.

If you want to say something, say it. I'll answer you later.


Commented 2 months ago2021-11-26 20:48:01 UTC Comment #103852
Welcome back!
Commented 2 months ago2021-11-26 21:11:51 UTC Comment #103853
Good to see you again.

Show us that Philips CD 101 of yours if you will :P
Commented 2 months ago2021-11-27 13:52:38 UTC Comment #103855
Hello there. thanks for replying, people.

And no, I don't have a Philips CD 101. I modeled that CD Player based on internet photos.

I'll post my equipment pics soon. Most of them are WIP.

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