Hunting Down the Holidays

Posted 11 months ago2021-12-23 20:21:32 UTC
Admer456 Admer456If it ain't broken, don't fox it!
Yep. Cambreaker recently accidentally gifted me Hunt Down the Freeman, and chances are, I might stream it on TWHL Discord on Christmas.
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It's a bit early for me to say "merry Christmas", so I'll wait a bit. User posted image


Commented 11 months ago2021-12-23 23:26:01 UTC Comment #103899
idk if i'll be able to join if you stream it, but good luck on your journey to hunt the down the freeman :freeman: :hammer:
also btw i didn't gift you the game accidentally :combines:
Commented 11 months ago2021-12-24 08:31:55 UTC Comment #103900
Merry f****d up faces to everyone!
Commented 11 months ago2021-12-25 05:11:48 UTC Comment #103902
Commented 11 months ago2021-12-25 22:17:06 UTC Comment #103905
les goooo :cool:
Commented 11 months ago2021-12-26 11:54:28 UTC Comment #103906
Merry belated Christmas everybodeh. Last night was very fun.
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I think the voice chat reached record numbers lol.
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Commented 11 months ago2021-12-30 15:50:01 UTC Comment #103938
Did you give Adam the permission to die?
Commented 11 months ago2021-12-30 18:20:36 UTC Comment #103942

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