Posted 5 months ago2022-02-18 21:25:26 UTC
38_98 38_98Lord
Surprise! Somehow I didn't think this profile, or website, would still be here. I wondered if the passage of time would sweep it away. I'm glad to see that its not. This profile is like a time capsule of sorts for me, looking back on the older stuff. Granted, not much for 9 years, but the stuff before...

I'm not sure what to write here, only that I feel I should put something down before I forget and come back in another 9 years or something. Hope your all keeping well, I'm doing perfectly well myself. Guess that's all there is to say. Have a good night.


Commented 5 months ago2022-02-18 23:17:57 UTC Comment #104135
It's been a while. Have a good one
Commented 5 months ago2022-02-19 08:09:30 UTC Comment #104137
Just like Rock and Roll , TWHL will never die
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Commented 5 months ago2022-02-19 18:00:19 UTC Comment #104140
Uhhhhhhh isn't that supposed to be in some other journal?...
Commented 5 months ago2022-02-19 18:30:25 UTC Comment #104142
It's an IZ reference. But yeah I shouldn't be posting things like that at any unfitting place.
Commented 5 months ago2022-02-19 22:30:50 UTC Comment #104147
Good to see you again 38_98. :D
Commented 5 months ago2022-02-21 18:56:59 UTC Comment #104162
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That's better
Commented 5 months ago2022-02-22 10:33:46 UTC Comment #104163
Welcome back 38_98!
There's new things, new people, but the core of us and the general vibe of things haven't changed.

Also, *Hope you're all keeping well.*

Yep, not much has changed. 😉
Though we have a Discord now. Many of us hang/lurk on there.

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