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Striker StrikerI forgot to check the oil pressure
Oh yeah, forgot to post here yesterday.

We owe a lot to copper. I mean, virtually all electrical circuitry is made out of it. It's the reason I shocked myself Wednesday when working on a socket, while I thought I switched off the right fuse on the fuse panel. Live and learn - next time I'm, switching off the whole panel. The copper wire was the culprit: it conducted all that electrical potential right through my body. Or maybe, if I'm being rational, me being stupid is the one to blame, not a copper wire. I got a weird vertigo on my left side that day, it was funny.

People use copper tubes for plumbing and sometimes for heating, although plastic ones are more popular nowadays. Not sure what are the advantages and disadvantages as I'm not a plumber.
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Turks have an interesting way to make coffee on heated sand. They use a kind of copper pot that sits on hot sand. Probably not specific only to Turkey, as I imagine this is an excellent way of making coffee on a hot desert day.

Copper is also used for roofing, and in time it oxidizes and get that beautiful teal color.

Anyway, I'm sure copper is an interesting metal to study, I'm just here to bring some cake.

As for me... well, another revolution around the sun, lots of ups and downs, new lessons in life learned, new mental tools acquired, new responsibilities, and maybe a new passion too - I bought myself a Honda Hornet, the 2007 model.
Oh well, we all need some kind of personal therapy.
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Have a nice day everyone!


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Are you 29? Congrats if that's the case. Had to look that up, my chemistry is rusty. Or is it physics?

Cooking with hot sand is quite common. I've seen peanuts being roasted in sand, and rice being popped so it becomes like popcorn. Or maybe it was salt? Copper sure is nice. Good for heat sinks as well.

Cool bike! take care riding it
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Happy birthday!
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You'll never take me alive, copper!

Happy 29th
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Happy birthday, old friend
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Happy birthday! This was a nice read
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Thank you friends and old friends. Your thoughts are much appreciated!
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Iron and copper. The statue is copper on an iron frame, right?

And also, (somewhat belated) happy birthday!

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