N̶o̶,̶ ̶̶N̶o̶v̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ Finally December!

Posted 1 year ago2022-11-10 21:21:22 UTC
Växjö, late afternoonVäxjö, late afternoon
Winter hasn't even started and I am already sick and tired of it. There are so many things I want to do and people I want to talk to, and smile to, but I can't find the energy. The day ends before you even realize it has started! IS SOME SUNSHINE EVERY NOW AND THEN TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR??!! At least it's not as bad as a couple of years ago when my city had a total of two hours of sunshine in all of November because of clouds. I envy the bears - they are geniuses to sleep through it all.

I have always wanted to escape our Winter but haven't had the opportunity. I'll have to suffer Winter this year, too, but at least a milder version down in Croatia in December and Malta in January and February. They see more sun in the darkest month than I do in March or September, and I really look forward to seeing new places, though I think Christmas will feel lonely. Perhaps I should set my sight on NZ and Australia next year? What a dream to have summer twice a year!


Commented 1 year ago2022-11-11 14:57:02 UTC Comment #104890
Mmm winter, by unloved. This is basically that time of the year when my life feels sad, dull and monotonous, yet, I seem to do a lot more during winter than any other season. It's a weird effect, but that's just life.

I'm enjoying the autumn though while we still have leaves on trees. Like, not green, not dry orange either, but yellow. Makes for some nice pictures.
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I should post-process these a bit and jam them into the "Post your photos" thread. x3
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Finally, a "fuck winter!" journal!
Waited for this day
Commented 1 year ago2022-11-14 01:21:29 UTC Comment #104893
That's really beautiful, Admer
Commented 1 year ago2022-11-14 08:20:31 UTC Comment #104894
That Växjö capture do really tell what the outside looks like currently up here in Swe.

A question. Do you drink coffee? That can liven someone up a bit.
Commented 1 year ago2022-11-14 08:44:40 UTC Comment #104895
I drink it every now and then but not every day like I used to - I miss it, but I don't like addictions and it's a lot easier for me to get up and out of bed in the morning when I am not dependent on caffeine. Plus it tastes so much better when you are not drinking it out of habit or need. It's a good suggestion though
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i long for the day when the inverted seasons of the southern hemisphere get the recognition they deserve
Commented 1 year ago2022-11-14 19:27:08 UTC Comment #104898
Sheer up the potato man
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Commented 1 year ago2022-11-15 08:23:47 UTC Comment #104899
Winter is always better with people around. The smell of oranges, cinnamon apple pie etc.
Get some vitamin D supplements and antioxidants from berries. You live in the country of blueberries, should be easy for you.

Otherwise, tbh I understand you when it comes to December at least.

For me, the beginning of the cold season is at last a mental break for me. I finally feel at peace inside and enjoy reading etc. During summer or during winter when there's snow on the slopes I always feel quite guilty if I don't do or plan some outside activity, or plan to travel somewhere.
Commented 11 months ago2022-12-17 21:40:06 UTC Comment #104933
Winter is always better with people around
Very true. But people also drain my energy. And when I am alone, my mood just collapses and my thoughts turn dark. Vitamin D helps a little so I always take that. Unfortunately there are no fresh blueberries this time of the year: they hate the cold as much as I do.

I am sure lots of people get Winter depression in Romania too, but even there your Winters must be milder than Sweden's. My ancestors were idiots to move so far north - couldn't they have stayed in Greece or Italy or something? I've been in Croatia for 11 days now, and it is fantastic! Even though it's been raining every day I am outside all day except when I am working or when my feet get too tired. It was 18 degrees here yesterday, while Växjö is covered in snow. I feel so much happier from being outside and getting exercise and sunlight. I'll probably get fat from eating too much pistachio baklava, but it's worth it

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