Windows Update That Made me Stopped Learning Modding

Posted 1 year ago2023-01-22 13:18:46 UTC
Nspy45 Nspy45Afraid of Windows not Monsters
Welp. I Guess I have to create journal about 9 October 2022 where my laptop went to s*** because the update and Incompatible Graphics Drivers Even though it already installed correctly with AMD Chipset auto-detect installation.

So the story started after I finished Animate Blender, J.A.C.K, Crack-life: Anniversary And No Life 4 X Mods, And things goes normal until i looked at my laptop gaming performance is getting slow even the boot-time startup it took 1 half minutes to finished and also many applications such as Google Chrome, Steam, and Discord Opening are very slow like Chrome Just keeps on Buffering Tab everytime I Opened it Or a Steam sometimes "Not Responding" if I Opened New Window Or Even Discord Clicking over stuff has some kind of delay and the pop-ups chats are Incredibly slow. So I Checked Youtube searching "how to make windows 10 faster" and also "how to fix slow startup" but everything doesn't affected my performance even the Startup except i have to update the windows 10 in order to make it faster. Though updating windows have many different occasions of Made Windows 10 Slow, Unsaved Data, Corrupted Files, Blue Screen, And Issues Goes On. About the Startup well..I need to Update the Graphics Drivers again and Installed AMD Adrenaline Application To Improve Performance So I download it.

_20:00 AM_
Well after doing these tech methods that i've found on youtube and also watching modding stuff I Decided Restart My Laptop for completed windows update...

After a Minutes I Checked My laptop to see the Update and it says "We Couldn't Complete The Updates. Undoing Changes" My reaction is normal at first Until Realizing It Took 2 Hours Then I started to Panic but well...It's too late I Just gonna Shut down the laptop and do something in next days

_10 October 2022_
Well Things Just goes normal and I've encountered what of stupid bugs that came on windows 10 that i already encountered like No sleep Power Button, Blank Shortcut, And also what's made me the annoying the most This Image:
it Pisses me off I've Already doing it correctly by installing the auto-detect or the application using my graphics driver
But the one thing I've never encountered before Is the Windows Update Icon Taskbar it has Yellow Triangle Exclamation Mark that known to say "Your device is missing important updates" so I just clicked it then update again, it took 3 hours to completed because some of stuck on 20% and another one already complete then windows forced me to restart again then i Restarted And...I Still got the same "We Couldn't complete The Updates. Undoing Changes" Again and again so I went to Youtube First, For searching "windows 10 we couldn't complete the updates" to fix the issue methods by methods such as Disable Update in Services.msc, delete SoftwareDistribution, but one thing That I've Encountered another problem after trying get into safe mode on System Configuration such as This:
and it gave me Headache how this issue is a thing and uncommon but I Still got some alternate way to get into safe Mode is to Shift+Restart (Recovery) and it worked then I Started to do exact same methods again according to youtube video that i checked is to disable updates and delete SoftwareDistribution again in safe mode but things didn't go well when I Opened System Configuration Was That I Cannot go back to Main Operating System and I Started began to Panicked because of this but Thanks to MDTech all I have to do is disable all the services in System Configuration Not in Services.msc and the Methods that MDTech It's all The glitches from Windows 10 so it means these glitches only happens temporally which it made me afraid to do these stuff So decided stay away over Safe Mode. Then I Started going to Internet for help fix these issue but some of are contain non-sense of Fixing Different Methods like it's serious issue Or another one That told me to Install MediaCreationTool.exe or even Reinstall Windows 10 in Scratch and Things goes Unwell. so I was Disappointed And Sick about these Tech Support so i went to Discord posting memes related Windows Issue and etc. Also Thanks to mluminoth aka =M= for mentioned Ghost Spectre OS Machine but I'm So Sorry I'm Not gonna using because Half of my OS corrupting

_11 October 2022_
This Is Where's Things Messed up Like Corrupted System, Incompatible Drivers, Corrupted Updates, And Etc Which i'm stopped modding because i'm take care all of this issue. I'm trying to find Tech Services Shop around the town but mostly i found are unprofessionals so my father would afraid what they did to my laptop so I'm not gonna find it anyway. The Update service has been disabled everything looks normal even though s**** got corrupted and so on...Well I think i'm getting worried and afraid about thisss....situation

_12 October 2022_
Well. everytime I boot up my laptop I always disabled the updates through services.msc in order to avoid windows forced updates and everything looks normal. Nothing happens...? I Went to Discord, Watching Blender Tutorials, Reading C++ Guides (Kinda) And Looks Normal but Not for my Feelings

13 October 2022__
Well. Still Normal I guess nothing happen with my laptop is actually fine and again i have to disabled windows update service..again

_14 October 2022_
Still Normal again. Yet I noticed some difference with Windows Update Taskbar Icon It has Red dot on it And I Don't know what is that mean anyway i'm still Inexperienced with Tech support stuff but i'm still Interested on learning that's why I'm Learning Modding Unfortunately These Issues Stuck Into my head So I'm getting Burnt out on Modding So Instead I'm still take care some of these Issues. Also I'm getting bit paranoid about these windows bugs and glitches sometimes happens in past years so i have to be carefully using this laptop now And also Unistalled Pirated Call of Duty 4, Counter-Strike Standalone Mods, and others stuff Including Steam But I Reinstalled it and now the many game shortcuts are gone because Reinstall steam in order to clean Disk C:

Wait for Part 2


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