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Naufal Damar Alfathir
Preferred Pronouns
I don't need this anymore
8th August 2022 (1 year ago2022-08-08 07:18:47 UTC)
Last Visited
2 months ago2023-12-14 09:28:20 UTC
Weapons Modeller / Programmer Project
Modding Goldsource, Making P̶h̶a̶n̶t̶o̶m̶ ̶F̶o̶r̶c̶e̶s̶ ̶ But Half-life Not R̶o̶b̶l̶o̶x̶, Creating Underrated Licence Weapons Model, Reimagined Features And Mechanics From Other FPS Games, Replicate my Unstable Imagination into Horror Mod
Mostly Indonesian Sometimes English
Steam Profile
Modelling, Programming, Voice acting, Model animation, Texture creation

It's Just a Biography Nobody Would Ever Know Who I Am. Oh Wait I Already Set my Real Name And Birthday On Public And There's a Probably Someone Would Calling my Real Name! Well Ok I gotta be Serious Right Now
Hi I'm Naufal You can call me N-Spy Or Damar? I'm Basically Still New at Modding Some Stuff Especially Goldsource Engine Which Actually My Childhood Engine When I Spending Too Much Playing Counter-Strike Then I See Bunch of Cool Maps, Custom Weapons, Add-on, And Etc Got really Interested Back In The Day. Sadly I'm Playing on Pirated Version Of Counter-Strike/Half-life So I Can't Do Anything Beside Going to Dark Path Called "Roblox" Basically It's Just Game Platform With Tons Of Playable Games, You Know What I mean? Just Spending Kidnapping a Child By Using Strolls Until They Were Saying "aaaaaaaaa" On "Adopt And Raise a Baby" But Also Being Chaotic Naughty Until I've gone Bored By Stopping Online Daters on "Roblox: High School" But This One is 2016-era But Also Playing Some "Escape From Slenderman's Obby". And Then The Masterpiece Of FPS History Was Called "Phantom Forces" The Great FPS That Gotten Into Game of The Year 2015 Back In Good-Era of Roblox Until Some Rip-off CSGO Gungame Style Dominate The Whole Game Platform. Oh Yeah Don't Mind Me Being Awful Situations/Person When It Comes Jealousy Or Some Weeabo Peoples On Internet. I Couldn't Handle My Emotions Almost LIke Simon From Cry of Fear By The Way I'm Not Following Such Fake Mental illnesses Trends It's Just Stupid . I'm Basically Has This Mental Issue When I was a Child...Well Back To The Topic But Welp...I Cannot Said Anything Besides Finds Some Person How To Teach me "How To Create Model Animation On Blender" Or Whatever. I'm Loss of Words Sorry For Not Continue This Bio I Still has mild dyslexia

Welp This Biography Age Embarrassingly I will Update it soon...

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