Windows Update That Made me Stopped Learning Modding Part 2

Posted 2 weeks ago2023-01-22 13:57:45 UTC
This is continue of frustration and burnt out because of corrupted OS and windows update so.... here's the story

__18 October 2022_ ( I have to skipped 4 Days Because I Forgot What Situation I've been Encountered In Those Days. I Don't know)
I've been Quit HL Modding and Started to Re-Visited STALKER Anomaly because I realizing new update patch that came out few months ago so I decided to go checking out. I've become a boring gamer again

_20 October 2022_
Well When I playing STALKER Anomaly in 16:34 AM I Encountered some New Issue within the game after I quicksave. it turns into blackscreen for a moment and I got Panicked Then I Pressing the Power Button from my keyboard and hope this would not happen. then windows update "We could complete the updates.Undoing changes" come out of screen and it got me mad honestly.( I have no words to typed about this situation anymore because i forgot about this)

_22 October 2022_
Well s*** went happen again when I playing STALKER Anomaly, My screen turns black after quicksave and then blinking 2 times that i already on desktop I thought it can be happen forever luckily it only temporally and i also saw some error log That says out_of_memory but i'm still gonna play it but my mouse was laggy in main menu so i'm still going to play it and weird error log happen it has some LUA Error so I have to go Discord anomaly Tech-Support but after i sending it i got muted without any explanation, And I Realize how Toxic And Irresponsible STALKER Anomaly Community Are it Disgust me...oh well i'm still staying on the community

_26 October 2022_
I Encountered another issue again that came from amount of anomaly addons that i use through the game. the game just crashing without error log pops-up and then my desktop screen filled with the game when the game is already crashing then I Restarted the laptop to make this screen disappear. so i asked another tech support named Rascal He's actually friendly in the community. So I Asked

N-spy: Oh god. Using 1.5.2 DLTX mod just broke my background desktop after my game crashed
N-spy: Nah. It's something with your OS
Me: I Know my system already corrupted
Rascal: Sorry to hear that, if it is not hardware - re-install from scratch usually fixes stuff like that
Rascal: But you have to bring back files and settings, spend tome
Rascal: if it is hardware - time for repair / replacement
N-spy: Okay Thanks for the Tips
Now I Understand what I Suppose to do with my OS now i have to repaired it

_27 October 2022_
Now I'm gonna tell my father to repair the system so now my father take care my laptop to repair these issues including the stupid "we couldn't complete the updates" and things didn't really well because my father struggled to find password in recovery so helped him to access the settings but it didn't work, I actually tried many times to typed my password that came on my microsoft account it still doesn't work and my father blaming me for not updating windows 11 and I getting pissed. I have to decided create new account without Password and Email in order to bypass the Password Recovery Settings but appeared now me and my father tried to figured out it turns out it's uses admin password. my father just give up so I decided to fix it again but in different method is to install Windows 11...Tomorrow

_28 October 2022_
It's time upgrade to windows 11 to avoid "We couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes" and other corrupted System and oh god it took so long to upgrade windows 11 because it goes up very slow, it made me to cancel the upgrade because it's getting night on my place. I'm basically tired of this

_29 October 2022_
I'm checking laptop again to Upgrade. Well it's still fairly slow but this time i have to paused if evening is coming. Nothing bad happen to my laptop

_31 October 2022_
Now The Upgrade Still Works Fine When it comes to Update now I'm getting less paranoid about the Issue that stuck onto my head in few days, man it really made me mental breakdown back 11-26 October now the upgrade almost Completed in 21:00 AM and I Unpaused the Update in 8:36 AM. damn it took 9 half hours when it's completed it's the quite the opposite that my laptop are incredibly slow and also some Apps are Incompatible with windows 11 but i don't know which one of them everything it's really slow

_1 November 2022_
Now I have to cleaned up some of the cache file and corrupted files from the past and it's getting fast but not too quite. Luckily it runs perfectly fine except File Explorer double-click some file are slow

_Okay This is Probably The End of this Issue. But it Still some bug like Unresponsive Taskbar probably the bug that i only found in windows 11 and thank god it really get rid of that stupid undoing changes Until_

_20 January 2023_
moderator: removed due to rule: No piracy


Commented 2 weeks ago2023-01-22 14:09:25 UTC Comment #105015
Tbh My Journal Kinda Ridiculous :/
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-01-24 01:43:02 UTC Comment #105019
Kinda funny to read. I had the same problem with my computer.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-01-24 06:24:14 UTC Comment #105023
Yea I mean I never taking seriously because I'm getting crazy about it. Anyway the moderator remove my last Day of this journal due to piracy issue even though I'm basically Tell anyone how Terrible Visiting Those Website so people don't ended up like me

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