I documented WAD3/RMF/JMF specifications

Posted 4 months ago2023-07-20 16:36:51 UTC
Hi again!

Juggling a lot of projects right now, both IRL and mapping/developing. Might have more to show/tell later on but for now I've made a github.io page for Map2Prop with info about that little thing as well as download links with changelogs but more importantly it has a subpage for format specifications for some of the formats used in the project.
(Edit: The specifications have made their way to the TWHL wiki now over at Format Specifications)!

I've added a lot of my own findings where I could and hopefully made it easier to read by using consistent notation and style (but I'll gladly welcome any feedback for what can be done differently!)

– Erty


Commented 4 months ago2023-07-22 09:00:02 UTC Comment #105432
Good job! :)

I wanted to point you to https://github.com/LogicAndTrick/sledge-formats/tree/master/Sledge.Formats.Map/Formats , but it looks like Penguinboy already started updating some of the wiki pages. He knows more about the various .rmf file versions and figured out the meaning of several more .jmf fields.

Regarding wad files, as far as I know palettes are always preceded by a color-count int16, and the color-count + palette colors should be padded so they're 4-byte aligned. In practice most if not all palettes just contain 256 colors, so I'm not sure whether textures with smaller palettes would even be accepted by various tools. But yeah, `Palette[width][height] palette` should be `char[colors_used][3] palette`, and each mipmap is 4x as small as the previous one.
Commented 4 months ago2023-07-22 12:12:58 UTC Comment #105433
Thank you! This is exactly one of the two reasons why I wanted to get those specifications on the wiki here. So more knowledgeable people like you and Penguinboy would be able to add to it and make corrections.

That way we can have a more complete and correct picture which will very much help with my second reason for doing this: Make the specifications available and easy to find so other people wanting to use these to make cool apps would be able to do so ^^

I'll make the corrections to the WAD format 🙂

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