So... that crazy Half-Life 3 estimate I made

Posted 11 months ago2023-08-19 16:16:19 UTC
monster_urby monster_urbyGoldsourcerer
I just want to point out that although it wasn't Half-Life 3, Half-Life: Alyx released in 2020, only two years prior to my outlandish estimation.


Commented 11 months ago2023-08-19 20:26:43 UTC Comment #105492
I wasn't ready to realise it's already almost 16 years since Ep2, gosh.

As you say, at least we've gotten a new HL game already, even if it wasn't HL3. 😄
Commented 11 months ago2023-08-21 20:17:24 UTC Comment #105497
You're a Valve's own Nostradamus haha!

Unfortunately, I did have the curiosity to scroll and see if I left a comment. I did. The image is not available anymore but I know exactly the photo which prompted a short expedition through dusty folders on a dusty backup drive where I had an imageshack backup (that service is long gone I think).

The image was this:

[EDIT] Well on a sober 2nd thought, maybe not.

I have no idea....
Commented 10 months ago2023-09-04 16:56:49 UTC Comment #105524
if we get a new half life it'll problaby be called or aftermath or just half life 4, maybe hl3 but who knows

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