CS2 Hammer editor minimum requirements

Posted 7 months ago2023-10-15 22:03:46 UTC
Stojke StojkeUnreal
What the hell
User posted image


Commented 7 months ago2023-10-15 22:44:54 UTC Comment #105589
I do not believe that is exactly right. I'll have to test this on my brother's Athlon 200GE rig with no dedicated GPU.
From what I know CS2's Hammer has this fancy lighting preview mode, which uses RTX. There should hopefully still be a CPU raytraced fallback.
Commented 7 months ago2023-10-16 21:20:06 UTC Comment #105590
Stojke? You've been gone for a long time.

I need to talk with you later... about something related to electronics. I even posted a journal about that.

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