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Posted 1 week ago2024-07-03 00:21:48 UTC
Stojke StojkeUnreal
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Our little blue ball a round and a round it goes , with each full cycle our grays it shows. 32th.


Commented 1 week ago2024-07-03 23:05:01 UTC Comment #106228
Happy birthday...?
Commented 1 week ago2024-07-03 23:07:26 UTC Comment #106229
Happy birthday!!
Commented 1 week ago2024-07-05 05:51:44 UTC Comment #106230
Thank you Admer :heart:
Commented 1 week ago2024-07-05 14:47:20 UTC Comment #106231
Happy birthday!
Commented 1 week ago2024-07-05 17:11:43 UTC Comment #106232
Merry Stojke Day!
Commented 1 week ago2024-07-06 11:28:06 UTC Comment #106233
Birthy happday!
Commented 1 week ago2024-07-07 14:31:48 UTC Comment #106234
Thanks everyone :glad:
Commented 1 week ago2024-07-07 21:19:15 UTC Comment #106235
Happy birthday Stojke!

How's the engineering life going on?
Commented 1 week ago2024-07-08 07:01:09 UTC Comment #106236
Yo Striker, thank you!

The good owner of the service center has passed away and I became a director basically. We are , for some time now , an official service center for Yamaha, McIntosh and NAD products here. Aiming for getting into industry work as well , in regards to CnC machinery and such. Work is hard and you can barely walk around from all the stuff, but it will eventually clean up, I hope. So tl dr living in a hydraulic press for now.
Commented 1 week ago2024-07-08 10:09:38 UTC Comment #106238
Happy belated birthday!
Commented 2 days ago2024-07-13 19:17:35 UTC Comment #106246
Much appreciated Erty :lol:

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