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Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2005-12-24 06:20:00 UTC 0 comments
... to all our Scandanavian members, who celebrate it today, on Christmas Eve.

Hyv?? joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta!
God jul!
Gl?delig jul!
Glendelig jul!

Heh, those ones are pretty similar.
Daubster15 years ago2005-12-18 19:12:00 UTC 0 comments
There's a little community competition for a Map Vault Award going on at the moment to try and get people more active in the 'Vault. All you have to do is write some good reviews before Christmas. Have a look at the forum thread for more information.
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2005-12-17 08:15:00 UTC 0 comments
I've finally finished off habboi's Physics in Source tutorial, which was our hundredth! Hooray!

Other tutorials to be marked up are:
<li>Diagnosing Map Problems</li>
<li>Mapping in Notepad</li>
<li>Planning your Maps</li>
<li>Using Speakers</li>
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2005-12-14 19:17:00 UTC 0 comments
I've added a little checkbox to toggle the forum indicator key and (new) forum descriptions being shown. Go and have a look.
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2005-12-11 07:12:00 UTC 1 comment
Beta versions of the ZHLT for 64-bit OSes are now freely available at the official site. Along with the 64-bit build there is a nice addition for those who map for Spirit, with Cpt_Andrew adding an env_sky fix to the code.
AJ15 years ago2005-12-10 22:49:00 UTC 0 comments
Two new tutorials for you to salivate over:

Unpluggable TV for Source
Modifying the HUD for Half-Life 1

This new tutorials come courtesy of Madcow and Daubster respectively.
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2005-12-09 14:28:00 UTC 0 comments
Along with the little avatars, people with small screens will now be shown fewer posts per page in the forums and similar.
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2005-12-06 18:00:00 UTC 0 comments
Now the "big screen" checkbox in one's profile determines whether the reduced-size avatars are used on the forums next to peoples' posts. Nice, I hope.
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2005-11-24 07:18:00 UTC 0 comments
Kasperg has now started our second Source competition, Transport Hub. Since it's a bit bigger than usual, you have seven weeks. Now, get started!
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2005-11-19 17:03:00 UTC 0 comments
I've posted the results of the first Source competition properly now. It closed in September, but I had to wait until there were no competitions running to add it. Kasperg, Rabid and Cpl1nsane will now have nice trophies in their profiles.
atom15 years ago2005-11-17 18:38:00 UTC 0 comments
Respected development community 3D Buzz have released a series of video tutorials regarding the basics of Source mapping. Certainly a good thing for any of you late to jump on the bandwagon and looking to get started.
AJ15 years ago2005-11-16 18:46:00 UTC 0 comments
Sorry for this bit of unrelated news, but for all the Aussies here, I'm sure you're all incredibly happy, but for those who don't know what's going on, I shall explain.

Australia defeated Uruquay last night thus securing our place in the Fifa World Cup! Australia has not been in the Cup for 31 years, so this is an extremly big deal for our country.

Congratulations to the Socceroos!
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2005-11-11 08:34:00 UTC 0 comments
The results for competition seventeen, The Test Chamber, have been posted. The next competition will be here in the next few weeks... it may be the first proper official Source one, too.
Seventh-Monkey15 years ago2005-11-11 05:49:00 UTC 0 comments
Congratulations to Captain P, Daubster and MuzzleFlash, who are all now Map Vault moderators. They'll be tidying things up a little: moving things into the right categories, fixing mod icons, and moderating comments. Well done guys, and thanks to everyone who also offered.
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AJ15 years ago2005-11-10 07:08:00 UTC 0 comments
Another stella tutorial from BJ, this one concerning adding animations to existing models. Check it out.