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The Mad Carrot7 years ago2013-08-01 21:34:11 UTC 9 comments
Well well, it has been a while since we had one of these. I'll take the initiative to make the first news post of 2013.

Things are happening on the TWHL forums.

If you haven't noticed already, Penguinboy has released his first public alpha build of Sledge, an Open Source alternative to Hammer. If you still regularly map for Half-Life (it currently only support GoldSource), give Sledge a try, and report any bugs and anomalies in the process. Penguinboy is open to suggestions to make Sledge stand out in the mapping community.

We've also seen the public beta release of Compilator 3, a project created by myself to provide a front-end for compiling your maps using the latest set of map compilation tools, including Vluzcan's excellent VHLT.
I do have to admit that the code isn't that great and needs significant optimization here there, but I'll get to that sooner or later. Feel free to try it out yourself and report any bugs you encounter. This will help me make it better.

And finally, if you still regularly play Minecraft, I hereby invite you to join my Minecraft server and have some fun. :)

One more thing. The compo results, they're coming. Patience :)
TheGrimReafer7 years ago2012-12-09 07:29:07 UTC 6 comments
Competition 33 has started!

Go take a look at the competition page, or discuss in the official thread.

I look forward to your submissions!

Edit: Belated Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
Daubster8 years ago2012-04-01 18:07:50 UTC 15 comments
Congrats to hlife_hotdog, winning his second Map of the Month with Apartment X2! Coincidentally, this map was inspired by a previous MotM winner. Fun stuff!
Also for those who haven't noticed, the latest MotM winner is now proudly displayed in the right sidebar. Hopefully this will provide some extra traffic to the best maps we have to offer.

In other news, we've published two brand new tutorials for your mapping pleasure. JeffMOD expands our Source tutorial library with Creating blend textures for Displacements, and Stojke lends a hand for those lost in their complex entity setups with multi_manager Looping Made Easy. Thanks a bunch guys!

Enjoy and be sure to leave feedback.
Daubster8 years ago2012-03-27 09:53:34 UTC 5 comments
Re-Invent a CS Classic results are up! A huge thank you to all the entrants, the overall quality of the submissions was staggeringly high, which made it really hard to choose the top 3.

Congrats to Zeeba-G, RabidMonkey and Skals! Enjoy the CS:GO beta!

Also, our testing server for CS:S is going to be up for a few more weeks with all the Source entries in the rotation. Check out the competition thread for more details.
Daubster8 years ago2012-03-04 01:20:03 UTC 9 comments
User posted image

Congratulations to two-time MotM winner doggybag71, the author of December's winning entry. Check out the reviews, be sure to leave a comment, and don't forget to vote for this month!

In related news, let's welcome back Taylor (a.k.a Masta Killa)!
Best known from his previous legendary reviews, he will be joining Archie, Rimrook & Urby on the MotM team to provide you with regular content once again.
Daubster8 years ago2012-02-01 20:44:35 UTC 7 comments
Another month, another map!.. of the month.

User posted image

Congratulations to noSICK, our first member ever to win two Map of the Month awards back-to-back!

Check out the reviews on Surfacerun, his little gem of pure vanilla Half-Life-single-player-ness. Also, be sure to leave some comments for both the reviewers and the winner - both sides would definitely appreciate the feedback!
Penguinboy8 years ago2012-01-09 11:49:29 UTC 16 comments
Howdy folks! To avoid huge news syndrome, your extended MOTM surprise continues in a new news post. This news post, even!

But before we get to that, I must point out that unfortunately, we forgot to acknowledge a recent tutorial by our good friend (and distinguished gentleman), Moaby. He wrote a most excellent tutorial on the subject of creating caves using displacements. Sorry about that, Moaby! To make up for it, you get a...tutorial award! Congrats!

And with that, back to our scheduled programming:
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Daubster8 years ago2011-12-31 18:53:26 UTC 125 comments
From all of us on the admin team, we wish you all the best in your future mapping endeavours of 2012! We have some very exciting stuff in store for you in the upcoming year, so stay tuned!

User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
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User posted image
Daubster8 years ago2011-12-28 14:25:03 UTC 8 comments
What with the holidays being so fun, even the grumpy folks on the admin team are getting in on the holiday spi-

.. wait, it's already over? Oh well. More tutorials.

First up, Random Entity Triggering by Stojke, which covers everything you'll need to give your GoldSource maps a bit of replayability, or to create more complex entity systems.

Next, Perfect Timing with Doors by Instant Mix offers an in-depth guide in door timings, as well as a crash course in basic kinematics. Great for entity setups where complex door systems play a big role.

Finally, Map Layout Theory for CS by Skals analyzes the layouts of a few more successful Counter-Strike maps, giving you pointers on what made them work, and why. It also provides you with general guidelines to keep in mind when designing a layout, making it worth a read for any CS mapper.
User posted image
Now that the tutorials are out of the way, let's focus on the awesomeness that is Captain Terror, give him a round of applause, and provide him with our first Map Vault Award given away since 2005!

He has consistently been one of the most active members on TWHL, constantly helping out in the forums, and most importantly, giving almost every mapper in the vault constructive feedback on their submissions.
Happy Holidays, congratulations, and keep up the great work!
Daubster8 years ago2011-12-16 17:19:39 UTC 7 comments
A new competition this soon? Blasphemy!

Re-invent a Counter-Strike Classic is live, and this time we have prizes!

Be sure to check out the official thread for more details.
Penguinboy8 years ago2011-12-11 10:01:37 UTC 6 comments
The results for competition 31 have been posted! Congratulations to Captain Terror, Skals and ninja defuse for landing the top three spots, and good work to everyone else who entered! All the entries were quite good, you should all be proud!

Daubster is currently organising a new competition, which should start soon. We've also got another surprise in the works...stay tuned!
Strider9 years ago2011-08-07 14:28:14 UTC 16 comments
Competition 31 is live. Head over here for the rules. I'll have an official thread up a little later.

Slow news lately, but two new tutorials have gone live tonight. They are Introduction to Colour Correction by Archie, and Coding NPC's in GoldSrc by dexter. Head on over and share your love for the authors. I command you.

Penguinboy9 years ago2011-07-18 11:34:27 UTC 9 comments
Someone decided that it would be a good idea to mess with the front page. As a result, some people with aggressively cache-tastic browsers will need to force a page refresh. You will know if you need to, because there will be bullet points chilling in the general shoutbox region.

On every browser except Opera, this means pressing Ctrl+F5 while on the TWHL home page. For Opera users, good luck! Try pressing F5 a few times, restart your browser, reboot your PC, format your hard drive, buy a new computer, and so on. I'm sure you'll figure it out.
Daubster9 years ago2011-05-21 23:48:11 UTC 12 comments
Dragos has let us in on a neat lighting trick in his first tutorial, explaining how to implement some sharp & sexy shadows in GoldSource!
With a relatively simple technique that can create some truly awesome visuals, Realistic Shadows is definitely worth a read for any GoldSource mapper.
Strider9 years ago2011-04-19 04:11:44 UTC 8 comments
Yep, it's finally here. Now is the time to call in sick from work or school, because there are much more important matters to attend to. I, unfortunately, will be away from my gaming rig for the next few days, so if you spoil it I will hunt you down. Other people might not appreciate it either. Discuss!

EDIT: The results for Compo 30 are out.

EDIT: The Portal 2 Authoring Tools Beta are now available!