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Posted 4 years ago2019-10-16 11:05:50 UTC • Voting closed
Which is the best English vowel? The real ones only of course, those weak pseudo-vowel letters like Y and W don't count.
  • A: 29% (8 votes)
  • I: 25% (7 votes)
  • O: 21% (6 votes)
  • E: 18% (5 votes)
  • U: 7% (2 votes)


Commented 4 years ago2019-10-16 13:03:54 UTC Comment #102328
Inb4 "I" am the best. :P
Commented 4 years ago2019-10-16 23:14:27 UTC Comment #102329
I like the [i] sound. :P

Surely, these letters have different sounds in each language.
Commented 4 years ago2019-10-17 23:27:59 UTC Comment #102334
When in doubt, remember the song: "Anything U can do I can do better. I can do anything better than U."
Commented 4 years ago2019-10-19 04:28:40 UTC Comment #102350
I Search The Best English Vowel For Research, According To This Link

Mastering the Sounds of English Vowels

"The vowels O, I and A are also among the top seven most used letters in English."
So I Assuming The Vowels "I" Is The Best English Vowel
Commented 4 years ago2019-10-19 06:49:43 UTC Comment #102351 This might be useful (if allowed)
Commented 4 years ago2019-10-20 09:15:40 UTC Comment #102358
woah what w is considered a vowel?!

this has been the biggest revelation for me for the last few months

but O it is
Commented 4 years ago2019-10-22 00:44:11 UTC Comment #102365
W and Y are actually semivowels in english.
Commented 4 years ago2019-10-23 05:22:31 UTC Comment #102372
this language is weird
Commented 4 years ago2019-10-25 01:06:55 UTC Comment #102381
I forget what I voted for. O, maybe?
Commented 4 years ago2019-10-28 05:44:39 UTC Comment #102401
everyone loves o
Commented 4 years ago2019-10-29 11:00:40 UTC Comment #102405
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