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Posted 3 years ago2016-11-26 07:29:25 UTC
in Milkshape Reference Z Plane Moving Post #332462
Hey I'm having a problem with Milkshape 3d 1.8.5 where after compiling a model from its .QC, regardless of any changes, the Reference moves a huge distance on the Z plane.
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For the 9mmar its so bad it almost completely leaves the hand reference.

Anyone know of a way to fix this?
Posted 3 years ago2016-11-25 08:26:21 UTC
in Half-Life Enhanced Post #332444
Ah alright.

Using the guide though, I'm really confused about Step 5. If someone is using the GUI and runs Configure, how would they set the path to Common? Thats the part I'm stuck at, I've never used Cmake before so I'm confused about how it works.
Posted 3 years ago2016-11-25 00:28:05 UTC
in Half-Life Enhanced Post #332438
Hey, I wasn't sure where to post this issue so I thought I'd leave it here. I tried running the HLE Master on Visual Studio 2015 and got these errors. Not sure if I'm maybe doing something wrong.
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Also tier1 and vgui_controls failed to load if thats related.
Posted 3 years ago2016-11-24 23:05:32 UTC
in Removing Punch Angle (Visual Recoil) fro Post #332435
Hell yeah dude, I saw that name in the forum thread list but wasn't sure what it was.

This will me help me out a lot, I'd been dying to mess with the client code and this finally let me.

Thanks for making this, I think I'll be using this fork from now on.
Posted 3 years ago2016-11-24 18:39:02 UTC
in Removing Punch Angle (Visual Recoil) fro Post #332429
Hah so thats where it is. I was avoiding the client dll because its solution doesn't want to build in Visual Studio 15.

Do you use any fork when you're working with the half life master? I use but so far its only worked with hldll. I still get a flood of syntax errors with client dll.
Posted 3 years ago2016-11-24 06:17:06 UTC
in Removing Punch Angle (Visual Recoil) fro Post #332411
[ "Removing Punch Angle (Visual Recoil) from .357" was the title I was going for but I guess it got cut off. ]

Hey everybody,

So I'm in the process of trying to nerf the .357, and all is going well as I've made it use the same ammo type as the glock. What I'm trying to do really is to reduce the .357 revolver to being just an ordinary weapon, essentially what you'd expect from a 9mm handgun.

The problem is despite everything else working I can't get the punch angle to go away. I've tried commenting out the line its mentioned in but I'm too much of a novice coding wise to know whether that line was even relevant.

"//UTIL_MakeVectors( m_pPlayer->pev->v_angle + m_pPlayer->pev->punchangle );" is the line im talking about, after I commented it out of course.

Is the punch angle actually a part of the animation? Or maybe something actually related to the Vector function?

How would I make it essentially equal to the Glock's punch angle?
Posted 4 years ago2015-04-03 00:57:29 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #325193
Attempted to convert an unfinished CS:GO map to 1.6 using Sledge just to see if that would work. Did all the obvious stuff like removing all Source entities and all that.

Got about 3 versions of the "Brush Outside World" error with it listing a brush as being at over -80000 on the z plane. I've tried using the cordon tools and also looking for any broken brushes but no luck so far.

Is there a known solution to this kind of issue or is it just not possible to convert vmf to rmf at this moment?
Posted 4 years ago2015-03-27 18:40:20 UTC
in Model Hacker for HL1 Post #325045
You and me are in a similar position haha. I'm going the route of trying to somehow use assets from other Valve games though.
Posted 4 years ago2015-03-21 02:44:18 UTC
in C++? Post #324825
This would help me out too. I've been having some issues finding the right version of Visual Studio to compile with, someone told me a specific one was required.

Notepad++ is fine for writing things out but yeah, I have no idea how to compile.
Posted 4 years ago2015-03-08 10:53:29 UTC
in Science and Industry Updated Post #324568
Its honestly a bit more than that especially with the different game modes, and the mechanic of performing strategic actions(stealing scientists, sabotaging the other team's research) to out-compete the other team in terms of weapon, item, and ability escalation.

I mean Natural Selection and Counter Strike basically are along the same lines, mods that are technically team deathmatch but with depth through mechanics like research in the first, and weapon buying in the second.

Sometimes gameplay videos don't really do things justice, it all makes more sense when you're actually there.
Posted 4 years ago2015-03-08 00:32:59 UTC
in Science and Industry Updated Post #324565
That's actually a good way to put it.

In fact one of the guy's I played with for a brief time today told me he used to be an NS player before the original died.

Its quite a bit more laid back though in terms of learning curve than Natural Selection though. I honestly enjoy that since I'm not always interested in a super tactical/strategic type gameplay that requires me to be on top of my game for an entire 30 minute match.

SI is kind of a good mix of quick, simple deathmatch and strategic thought. I enjoyed it a lot as a teenager back in its original versions.
Posted 4 years ago2015-03-07 21:04:34 UTC
in Science and Industry Updated Post #324563
I don't know how many of you remember Science and Industry but it was definitely a pretty notable and fun mod back in the day.

By chance yesterday I found out they just released their 1.2 beta, the last update came in 2006 so that's pretty significant.

They apparently gather every Sunday at around 9pm GMT, 4 pm Eastern Time.

Here's a video of gameplay in case you don't know or don't remember what SI was like.

There's going to be another gather tomorrow and I'm going to likely be there. Was wondering if anyone from TWHL would be interested.

Here's their official websiteand their SteamGroup.