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Posted 3 years ago2016-10-30 08:31:47 UTC
in Can CS Source handle this model? Post #332152
Well, I failed the deadline :(

My bad luck came into play again and few bad things happened in my life, keeping me away from my project. I still plan to finish it, so you can expect to see the finished thing on sometime next week. My account has the same name as here. Thanks all for comments and help with optimization.

Let's close this thread.
Posted 3 years ago2016-10-25 16:16:58 UTC
in Can CS Source handle this model? Post #332122
Update on the model. Went from 21.5k to 15k tris :)
I think it's a significant progress from what it was when I started the topic- 30k tris :D

Reducing it to half what it was seems pretty good to me. I have some ideas of how to get it even lower- to 12-13k tris, but time's pressing on me and I have to keep deadlines. So I will go with that.
Thanks everyone! Expect the finished thing on right on time for Halloween (if I don't mess things up that is :P )
Posted 3 years ago2016-10-24 22:17:41 UTC
in Can CS Source handle this model? Post #332116
But you see I'm not good at the texturing part. That's why I always try to make my models detailed in the mesh, because I know I can't make them detailed in the textures.

I'll see what i can do with it and maybe try to reduce the tri count to 14-15k. I'll get rid of the physical wrinkles on the boots, hoping that the normal map will provide enough detail there. And I can also try to simplify the hands, head and waist area, but I don't wanna lose those belt accessories. It will look too plain and dull without them.
Posted 3 years ago2016-10-24 20:41:15 UTC
in Can CS Source handle this model? Post #332114
And I don't feel comfortable showing unfinished work, but I'll do it this time: Here's the high poly mesh (2,5 mil tris) and the low poly one (21 500 tris)

User posted image

User posted image

User posted image
Posted 3 years ago2016-10-24 20:14:16 UTC
in Can CS Source handle this model? Post #332113
Wow this was pretty dead for a while and all of a sudden 4 replies :D
I suppose you all have a very good point, BUT I'm racing with a deadline here and if I have to go and change the mesh (retopologize again) that means I'm gonna have to UV map again, bake the normal and ao maps again and paint texture again. That's a lot of agains :(
How am I gonna do all of that, have a good amount of time for rigging and compiling the model before 30th of September?
Posted 3 years ago2016-10-23 07:07:27 UTC
in Can CS Source handle this model? Post #332102
That's what I'm doing. My original mesh has 2 milion triangles. The simple one has 21 000 triangles.

I feel I'm losing the form of the character when going even lower. He becomes too squarish and angular.
Posted 3 years ago2016-10-22 14:48:14 UTC
in Can CS Source handle this model? Post #332094
Ok. Managed to get it down to 21k, but I don't think I can lower the polies any further. Screw it, I'm gonna go with this.
Posted 3 years ago2016-10-21 22:05:27 UTC
in Can CS Source handle this model? Post #332091
That's what I'm planning to do. The model had 2 mil triangles after initial modeling and now I managed to retopoligize it down to 30k. But I guess I need to go even lower :(
Posted 3 years ago2016-10-21 21:21:43 UTC
in Can CS Source handle this model? Post #332087
I'm making a player model for CS Source and while I could try to reduce the detail in some areas the total triangles count is at around 30k. Can the game engine handle that many polies on a player model, or do I need to get rid of some parts?
Posted 3 years ago2016-04-09 14:10:15 UTC
in Homemade Gargantua Action Figure Post #329746
kamyon95's avatar says it all :biggrin:
Posted 3 years ago2016-04-09 08:58:53 UTC
in Polygon Count in MS3D? Post #329743
if 1 triangle= 1 polygon why were there two separate fields for both? :o
Also I use Milkshape because when I open up Milkshape it's like a car's driver seat, but when I open up Blender it's like a boing 747 cockpit. :zonked:
Posted 3 years ago2016-04-08 12:53:06 UTC
in Polygon Count in MS3D? Post #329728
I was submitting a model to a modding website and there were fields for how much polygons does the model have and how much triangles does it have. For the triangles- easy- Milkshape shows you in the "show model statistics" option, but for the other field that I wanted to fill, I was wondering. Yeah, now that you mentioned it, Kachito, I could have done that- simple math, but I was too tired to think straight :biggrin:
Posted 3 years ago2016-04-08 08:33:53 UTC
in Polygon Count in MS3D? Post #329725
Kinda, but I'm refering to those polygon variations known as faces (two triangles). So was wondering if I can calculate those?
Posted 3 years ago2016-04-07 20:06:28 UTC
in Polygon Count in MS3D? Post #329720
Is there a way to find out the polygon count of a mesh in Milkshape 3D?
From "Tools" tab there's "show model statistics", but it only shows the number of vertices, triangles and a few others, but not the polygons. So is there some way to calculate how many polygons does the mesh have from the first two listed?
Posted 3 years ago2016-04-05 15:01:59 UTC
in Is there a way to view two diff model sk Post #329676
Ok, I'm fine now. If someone has that kind of power- feel free to delete this thread.
Posted 3 years ago2016-04-05 14:54:25 UTC
in Is there a way to view two diff model sk Post #329675
Also just realized why the mesh is misplaced in game. I've messed up the joint's rotation.
Posted 3 years ago2016-04-05 14:33:23 UTC
in Is there a way to view two diff model sk Post #329674
I don't need to mess with the v model, just the p one.
What I tried is- add the head joint to the model manually, by comparing by eye sight alone where it should stand in comparison to the same joint on a player model opened in a different window. And it worked. Kinda. Now in game the thing is protruding and moving with the head of the player as it should, but on the left side of the face in stead of the right side. Weird. Anyways, I'm just gonna try to put the mesh on the other side of the face, so it's properly switched after compile.
Posted 3 years ago2016-04-05 14:00:32 UTC
in Is there a way to view two diff model sk Post #329672
Is there a way to view two different models' skeletons at once?

Ok, I'm working on a custom weapon's p_ model from already provided v model. All's well, except that the player should get an extra something protruding from his head while equiped with this weapon. BUT! The weapon in question only has bones from pelvis to neck ones before going sideways to the arm bones. So the closest thing I can assign the parts on the head is the neck joint, but it doesn't look good in game. So I figured I'm gonna need a head joint in there as well, but the original weapon's skeleton doesn't have a head joint. Soo is there a way to view two different skeletons at once? Because I need a head joint in the weapon model at the same spot as is the head joint on the player model.
Boy, I hope I'm clear enough.