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Posted 4 days ago2019-02-19 15:45:26 UTC
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Posted 6 days ago2019-02-17 21:03:29 UTC
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Hats off... Admer has come
He has a-lot of come to deliver
Posted 1 week ago2019-02-16 18:46:25 UTC
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Still. There's enough of the same formula as it is. It has been milked too much and people need to get into other genres. At-least what I think.
Posted 1 week ago2019-02-16 18:06:29 UTC
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I have come to the conclusion that first person shooters don't work on consoles (and that fps games ruined gaming) so I will make Half-Life 3DS more different.

No more first person.
Posted 2 weeks ago2019-02-05 07:04:45 UTC
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Okay, I should start with a Goldsource machinima first. Cause I get to know it better now. Thank you Guilty Spark.
Posted 2 weeks ago2019-02-03 16:54:07 UTC
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I am actually also working on some maps. However the process is extremely slow and barely even there.
I should try harder.
Posted 2 weeks ago2019-02-03 16:43:02 UTC
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Success! (Kinda) I have made the player model have the Stripped Combine model now! Except it isn't animated in third person. Hope that it was just in the third person perspective.
Here's a jpregnantHere's a jpregnant
Posted 3 weeks ago2019-02-02 15:41:55 UTC
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If someone wants to join in then you would probably get Xash3D cause the computer I use only has it for GoldSource stuff. (Except if the internet between the engines are the same)

But to be fair, I would rather use my HL2 mod for the machinima because then it'll be used for something. But first I must figure out how to make the player models work.
Posted 3 weeks ago2019-01-31 17:33:23 UTC
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Anyone who doesn't know will be informed that I will make a short Half-Life 1 video with some people. Or this thread is dedicated to get some people for it. This is the first time that I'm doing this but I do know that the camera is a player who holds nothing at all and are recording things with fraps. I can (Perhaps) be the cameraman or I can be an actor. The script is still in work, but let's just say that before it's done, let's just talk about it.

And another thing. If I can get it to work. I would want to make a machinima in my HappyFaces mod instead. But first I must figure out how to put the Stripped Combine player model from Gmod to work on the mod and I also need to know how to make so that players can tint their character's color in the settings.

Anyone is welcome to help with the video. It hasn't started yet so welcome aboard.
Posted 1 month ago2018-12-28 13:16:42 UTC
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Maybe this work better in a mod. I'll be releasing a 2006 mod (Which actually works) and test it out there.

EDIT: I have gotten to know how to put buttons on the main menu. I've put a "server" and "create server" button there and the Create Server panel are missing server options.

I can possibly figure this out. But help is appreciated.
Posted 1 month ago2018-12-26 11:07:28 UTC
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I am going to test this multiplayer trick in Half-Life 2 and need some volunteering players. The Script from the Banana Website


Server info :: IP is
I am currently downloading the 2013 SDK (Which would take awhile on this old computer that I use) so the 2007 base is the best bet to use for this game.
Posted 2 months ago2018-12-23 16:32:36 UTC
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I've read that the engine could run Doom 3 maps but I'm not sure if it was correct. The map on the image is a tech demo though.

EDIT: Haven't gotten custom games to work yet. Cause I have no idea how to compile something.
Posted 2 months ago2018-12-22 18:30:17 UTC
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Sorry, I've thought that everyone can look it up themselves.
Posted 2 months ago2018-12-22 15:59:18 UTC
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While I was searching for an engine that I can use to homebrew the Xbox 360, I've come across an unfinished game engine called "Cafu".

It uses Half-Life MDL files and are quite easy to use. (At-least what it had is easy to use)
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
I grew a huge interest in it, but alas it was REALLY unfinished so I couldn't do that much in it. I would want you guys to try it out because it's actually quite good. I know you people won't try to finish it so I won't bother with begging for a finished engine. But I would want to start some conversations involving this engine.
Posted 2 months ago2018-12-07 10:02:42 UTC
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I didn't mean to throw everyone's advices away. I just didn't know better. If they matter so much then I'll stick to some small projects. This Revert3D one isn't supposed to be so big cause the engine isn't even finished.

So I'll try that one out. However it's far away from my job (Which I am in right now) so It'll be when I get home.

And if Rack77 needs to be made. Then I'll make sure that it will be made one day.
Posted 2 months ago2018-12-06 14:42:22 UTC
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(It's necro-posting, but it's better than making a new thread)
(Besides I am the thread's creator)

I have a request. Can someone with an old computer OR an old OS test this engine and see if you would want to work on completing it? Or at-least learn how scripting in it works. Cause I would really want someone to learn me it.
Posted 2 months ago2018-12-06 13:34:35 UTC
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To say the truth the map that the basement is located at where just a small test map.

But. Yeah actually I will detail it more now when you say it.
Posted 2 months ago2018-12-05 17:10:23 UTC
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A small house's basementA small house's basement
Posted 2 months ago2018-12-01 08:13:25 UTC
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I mean I never did ragdolls before. But Now I am more confident and capable so I'll try better now.
Posted 2 months ago2018-11-29 11:14:25 UTC
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I where unable to work on some Gmod models because I don't know how to do ragdolls the correct way.

Do I really deserve this much ignorance?
Posted 2 months ago2018-11-27 14:27:17 UTC
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(Posting this on my Mac. And I've figured out what my old Gmail's password was so now I'm less isolated from it)

I think that the problem isn't the gameinfo.txt file being wrong, but that it's Hammer that isn't functioning well.

EDIT: I am working on some Gmod models. Expect screenshots.
Posted 2 months ago2018-11-25 15:24:23 UTC
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Some help here? I want some influence.
Posted 3 months ago2018-11-15 16:50:40 UTC
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PC's community is also a mockery. That's why I'm making 3DS games rather than computer games.
Posted 3 months ago2018-11-15 16:12:56 UTC
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I'm not gonna port the actual game like a homebrew. I am gonna make a different, more fitting version for the console in Unity.

It's called "Small Half-Life" for now and are gonna be more different then the actual.
Posted 3 months ago2018-11-13 21:00:52 UTC
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So I've been asking in the Nintendo Developer forums about how much the 3DS can handle. They said that it could handle AvP2, or at-least most of it and said it was "doable" in the 3DS. I've come up with an idea about Half-Life on the 3DS, using Unity or OpenGL. (If OpenGL works that is)

As a developer, homebrewing isn't required/an option so I might just build a more simple HL game for the console to spare time. The 3DS isn't as weak as I thought, but hard to make games for.

So what do you people say about this? Any tips even?
Posted 3 months ago2018-11-12 18:28:00 UTC
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Okay let's go over to Gmod ragdolling. How do I make one? I did do a test model.

Can I use custom bone names to make it easier to work with or must they be specific? I couldn't decompile a Barney model so that doesn't work.
Posted 3 months ago2018-11-07 15:23:59 UTC
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Have you launched hammer.bat first, instead of the .exe?
Should I have done that? I don't see any changes.
Posted 3 months ago2018-11-04 14:24:38 UTC
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Posted 3 months ago2018-11-03 16:13:21 UTC
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Okay. I got over the drama now and ready to learn.

My hammer doesn't work. I didn't use the SDK but the bin version and it still doesn't work because it say's that the gameinfo file is missing. What to do?

Another note. I have started on making Gmod models and want some tips about bones. The bones have my own names and the mesh and texturing are simple cause I want to use the models for myself. I made a test character which needs bones. Do I need to know something? (And no I'm unable to decompile an already existing model because I don't know why it don't work)
Posted 3 months ago2018-11-03 09:40:41 UTC
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I think that I've fucked up now. But I can't tell because I am a clueless shit who decided to remove my old life, make shitty Blender models and soon draw on a bunch of tits and post it on Tumblr.

I've become this guy and now I am shit scared of myself. I where a weirdo at first but now I am fucked up visibly. Listening to Nine Inch Nails and thinking about what to do now.
Posted 4 months ago2018-10-05 16:46:25 UTC
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Posted 4 months ago2018-09-30 15:07:30 UTC
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Anyway I have worked on the first Civilian model and want to know how the "switchable heads" function works. Like how would it look like in Blender?
You Admer don't need to answer me this if you can't, someone else can see this too.
Posted 4 months ago2018-09-29 08:43:46 UTC
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The progress on Rack77 is gonna be a-lot slower then what even I think it could be. Because I have so much else to do. I have to create a PSP homebrew and I have tons of projects in my main Macintosh computer.

It'll be years before this project gets done.
Posted 4 months ago2018-09-26 12:20:00 UTC
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I've made the designs for some of the Civilians. (AKA Citizens)
I should also mention that this game takes place in an alternate Earth with two sentient lifeforms and different countries. The country that's gonna be in the game is a mix between Sweden and Russia.
Posted 5 months ago2018-09-23 11:55:12 UTC
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My computer that I am using for Half-Life now is slow when it goes with compiling the map. Possibly cause of it's age. (Revert3D however works flawlessly) It takes time to say.

And yes everyone thinks smiling is ugly.
Posted 5 months ago2018-09-23 08:58:14 UTC
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But sprites don't have collision. Right?

And, I'm surely aware that your profile avatar is because of me. I mean, it's depressive.
Posted 5 months ago2018-09-22 14:11:33 UTC
in Rack77 Post #340935
My first model for the gameMy first model for the game
Maybe it's too dark?

EDIT: Almost forgot to say that the collision box is way to high.
Posted 5 months ago2018-09-15 12:11:39 UTC
in Rack77 Post #340885
Great. But my problem now is the modeling and animations. I'm decent at making models but I'm awful at animating them so this mod can't possibly be a one mans job. Especially when I decided it would be voice acted.
Posted 5 months ago2018-09-15 11:19:55 UTC
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Do you have moddb page?
No and why should I have that?
Posted 5 months ago2018-09-14 17:19:59 UTC
in Rack77 Post #340878
As I said, a HL2 Beta inspired modification for Half-Life 1. But in my form.

I admit that I am a terrible 3D modeler because I'm just too lazy to work on anything related to 3D. I am a 2D artist. But I still want this mod to be completed someday.

A view of one of the test maps

Can I get motivation? Can I?
Posted 5 months ago2018-09-08 12:32:41 UTC
in Coop Mod Post #340817
Posted 5 months ago2018-09-02 15:21:51 UTC
in Xbox 360 with XNA Sunburn Post #340769
Good news everyone. I've just gotten a PSP for birthday that I can homebrew! (However there's no physical space for one in it's current memory stick)
Posted 6 months ago2018-08-19 16:17:23 UTC
in Xbox 360 with XNA Sunburn Post #340607
It isn't that complex really. I am just gonna work on a Quake total conversion and put it in there. It's said to be easy to work on the Quake engine.
Posted 6 months ago2018-08-19 14:38:20 UTC
in Xbox 360 with XNA Sunburn Post #340605
Okay maybe I shouldn't be asking for too much.

I am getting a Dreamcast for my birthday so I might just homebrew it instead.
Posted 6 months ago2018-08-19 07:14:08 UTC
in Xbox 360 with XNA Sunburn Post #340603
I'd recommend you to read a lot about programming theory and practice a lot before trying to do anything.
Consoles are harder to get to than PC in terms of development. If you wish to meddle with XNA based engine, then you should learn about it from the ground up.
Okay, where should I start?
Posted 6 months ago2018-08-18 14:20:34 UTC
in Xbox 360 with XNA Sunburn Post #340596
I want to homebrew the Xbox 360 and now I want to get the XNA Sunburn engine. But I couldn't get in the official site. Any recommendations about how to get it? It looks like something for me.
Posted 6 months ago2018-08-03 15:57:12 UTC
in Being Sober Post #340393
I don't know what to do. I am seriously unfocused and lazy enough to not get any work done. I have so many discontinued and cancelled projects that it makes the amount of grass on the planet look little. I had been creating things since teenage years and non of it got to be finished or worked on.

I seriously don't know what will happen to me in the future. I am a broken down man without any know purpose and have been wasting my whole life on nothing.

If this thread isn't welcome then remove it.
Posted 6 months ago2018-08-01 16:51:57 UTC
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Thanks everyone for the support. I still have some problems but those will not be big obstacles when I get to know things cause of you all. I'm still having the same major problem, I have no idea how to make a coop map. I don't focus on 1 map and I'm not very active and clear-headed so I can't make one. I can work better with my own textures but those would be too simple and cartoony for a Half-Life based coop mod.

What I was working on now is something called Rack77 that is supposed to be a Half-Life 2 beta inspired mod.
One of the test mapsOne of the test maps
I'll be doing some of this a-bit and wait with the coop mod till I get to know what to put into it.
Posted 6 months ago2018-07-28 12:05:51 UTC
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I must admit that I have no single clue about coding. Why not just do my work? I have no programming skills. I don't even know where things are and where said other things must be or what needs to be replaced.

I don't plan on learning advanced Half-Life programming. I just have to much to do.
Posted 6 months ago2018-07-28 10:24:48 UTC
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Can't I get help with coding? I did say that I'm not good at it.