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Posted 1 week ago2020-08-01 19:25:44 UTC
in Decals disappearing? Post #344582
increasing r_decals mp_decals helped me with that.
Posted 1 week ago2020-07-31 23:54:15 UTC
in Decals disappearing? Post #344580
Hello guys, today I finished my first map (wow). But there is a problem which occurs during gameplay. Decals simply work in hammer, and after compiling map when the game runs it (map preview). They are on the place.
But whenever I start New Game through menu and choose my map some of them are not on their place...
Is there any way to fix that? Example:
Greetings and sorry for my bad English, Ugandan Mapper here:)
Posted 1 month ago2020-06-18 11:33:56 UTC
in MAX_MAP_CLIPNODES Post #344415
I even deleted the hitboxes but it still says clipnodes 99,9%:)
Posted 1 month ago2020-06-16 12:54:50 UTC
in MAX_MAP_CLIPNODES Post #344408
Any way to fix that problem? Can someone explain it (I suck at english), any easy way to get it work? I almost finished my map, but can't place 5 more blocks because of it... I tried to look it on internet but I'm not that good at english again and there isn't that many topics about that. Someone told me that too many face textures are the reason, so I replaced couple of them with null texture but it didn't make any changes either (still clipnodes usage 99%).
Greetings from Uganda and thanks for any responses, Michal.
Posted 3 months ago2020-05-09 16:18:47 UTC
in My first map does not work Post #344183
Still nothing, game is crashing during loading time without any reason popping up:)
Posted 3 months ago2020-05-09 15:27:57 UTC
in My first map does not work Post #344181
Hello. I wanted to create my neigbourhood map. But I can't get it work in my game, it crashes during the loading without any error. Here are the logs:
When I go to these coordinates: 2925 2922 328 it spawns me inside the building and I don't know which brush causes the problem ( ). I wanted to delete these brushes, but as I said i can't find out which one is the wrong one. VMF file:
Can someone tell me whats wrong with me and why it does not work? Sorry for silly questions but I am begginer and any form of help are appreciated! Greetings, Marian
BTW. I am using J.A.C.K Editor and Alt+P does not show any problems at all:)