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Ok, after desperatly trying more last moment options, I have found out that, as far as I understand, Milkshape3D 1.85 decompiler tool is the culprit, so decompiling OG gold-source models with that tool will make anims. that move in 3d space get stuck in the origin, SO, in order to avoid that, I used CROWBAR, another Gold-Source/Source1 tool that can de/compile and more, to decompile og grunt model, tested the .smd and .qc files on Blender, and the .smd files keep their data for anims. as is!
Now I'm able to keep the og quality of the anims. in other models mod.
As side note, Milkshape3d Compiler works fine, but for some reason, Compiling with Crowbar messed up the model that I used, it have made the .mdl but one is a empty .mdl, I cant understand why...
Well, that is all, cool that this problem is solved and everyone can find out what to do. Have a nice day and thanks for reading!
Hi! I need help to understand what is happening to the animations in goldsource:
What I'm doing is decompile hgrunt.mdl and changing the weapon p_model for another and compile it again, but when checking the compiled hgrunt.mdl with the new weapon model, animations like "flyback" or "draghole" are stuck in the origin point and not moving in 3D space, I know it is not supposed to be stuck like that beacuse i check OG models and they move... So I would like to know how to avoid making those animations get stuck at the origin point.
Well, the tools I use are: Milkshape3d 1.85 for de/compile and HL model viewer 2.10 to test the model.
If you need me to provide more details, please let me know!
Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
At the beginning of the Boot Camp/OpFor Hazard Course, you have the 7 recruits yelling "siryessir", and the game "overlaps" the 7 entities playing the same sound file and making it sound very LOUD.
I tried "fixing" it using a .bps editor and finding the 7 script_sequences in order to make audible just 2 of them in a way to make stereo effect,
from this: (+audible; -not audible; @player)
to this:
But despite editing the lines:
"origin" "-256 -832 240"
"listener" "recruit_target_3"
"entity" "recruit_6"
"sentence" "!RC_YESSIR"
"delay" "0"
"attenuation" "3" -> 0
"volume" "10" -> 0
"refire" "0"
"radius" "512" -> 8 (if it works for not making some of them audible)
"duration" "3" -> 0
"targetname" "recruits_response01_6"
"spawnflags" "4"
"classname" "scripted_sentence"
My game still makes all of them audible and loud. I'm doing the test from XASH3D and I have my steam version vanilla to compare.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)
Thank you! really appreciated the help!
@Solokiller Thanks for responding! So it is unreachable for people not into Gold source level coding? what a pity... It would take me tons of time to learn by myself. Well I hope this helps someone else.
Hi! I was wondering if there is an easy or hard way to change the color of your vision when you activate the NVgoogles in OP4. I also saw that there are almost none mods for the NVG, but they dont do want I'm looking for.
For what I see, of_nv_a & b files have the texture for "noise" but I don't for what and how the other of_nv sprites work.
So If someone has an idea or can explain how they work, I see myself trying to do a few mods for NVG.
Thanks for reading,GL and have a nice day!
Awesome! That helped me! Thank you Captain P, you saved me :)

Hi, this happened to me just recently but didn't notice the missing joint until I needed to rotate that left arm, the name still appears but when you select it to control it, you can't move nor rotate it.
I didn't touched any other buttons than the ones you need to do animation (rotate and move), also, I sometimes do this little trick to adjust one key-frame: I export the current work as a .smd of sequences, then do a copy and edit the key-frame of that copy, carefully, just copying the joints that I need to copy on another key-frame, then save, next, I import that edited sequence on MilkShape 3D, copy the key-frame I edited, open again the animation project and paste that key-frame where I need.
That is the most advance that I go with this program, I hope there is a solution to restore that joint that I can't control. If you need more clues, ask me.