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Posted 2 weeks ago2021-04-05 05:21:06 UTC
in Map loading problem - Not spawning where I expect Post #345508
Hello and thanks for your time.

Your answer plus someone else on the TWHL Discord help me to understand what was wrong, indeed it was this relative position problem. I get all that wrong from the beginning.

I have now something that allow me to go from one map to another with almost no problem. I'll work on that on my side.

TWHL saved my ass again !

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Posted 2 weeks ago2021-04-04 07:43:11 UTC
in Map loading problem - Not spawning where I expect Post #345501
Hello everyone.

First things first: English isn't my mother tongue so I'm sorry if it's not very good.

Using J.A.C.K Hammer Editor, Steam edition, for GoldSRC.
I have two maps, let's say Map 1 and Map 2. In both maps I have a trigger_changelevel (Map 1: test_changelevel1; Map 2: test_changelevel2) which are a simple AAATrigger block enabled when I walk on it, which are working (going in load the other expected map). Both map have an info_landmark (same name, landmark).

So in both map, the trigger_changelevel are working, but my problem is where I do spawn:

Map 1 => Map 2: It works very well, I load the map and I can move.

Map 2 => Map 1: Sadly, it doesn't works as expected. If I go this way I'm stuck in Map 1 into the floor or a wall or the ceilling. No matter how I move the info_landmark.

I tried to tweak this problem by making the landmark coordinate on both map @0,0,0 but it doesn't seems to work very well, still stuck.

I started to think the coordinate of the info_landmark wasn't important and I did a simple test: on Map 1 I move a bit the info_landmark just to see where I would be teleported from Map 2 to Map 1, but it creates another problem: now from Map 1 to Map 2 I'm stuck in a wall, even if I didn't moved the info_landmark on Map 2, only on Map 1.

I tried to understand by reading these: But sadly I'm still stuck at some point, literally.

Any ideas regarding this problem ?

Posted 1 month ago2021-03-16 12:14:46 UTC
in Need help to finish my animated reinforced door Post #345442
As you can see in this video, it works:

Thank you very much. This request is solved.
Posted 1 month ago2021-03-16 08:14:46 UTC
in Need help to finish my animated reinforced door Post #345436

First I'm new here and with these stuff, I think this is the proper section for this thread but tell me if it's not. Also English isn't my mother tongue so sorry if it's not very good.

I'm trying on GoldSRC with J.A.C.K Hammer Editor (Steam version, 1.1.2276 (64-bit)) to make an animated reinforced door. But I'm in trouble.

Watch my video to see what's going on exactly:

Since I can't have the red valve to rotate from a ORIGIN point on itself and then rotate on another ORIGIN (I think so), I have to cheat:

I created two red valves (and four other anti-intrusion bar), the one animating at first, rotating on itself and then destroyed when it's over (anti-intrusion bar are also destroyed as well).

The second red valve which is a func_wall_toggle and only become visible when the previous animation is done.

The problem is I can't move the func_wall_toggle to follow the door as expected (can be seen in this video:

Have you any ideas to make it works as expected ?